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Kim Peek - Inspiration for "Rain Man" Movie Passes Away

Updated on September 12, 2015

Amazing Person Passes On

(November 11, 1951-December 20, 2009)

Kim Peek, one of Utah's most celebrated and unusual citizens, died Saturday at the age of 58 from an apparent heart attack Kim was born one day after Brittany Murphy on the Calendar and died one day before her… I mention this because I wrote a recent hub about Brittany and the public's perception and speculation when someone in the public eye passes.

Please do something not for Kim, or not for Me, but for Yourself… if you do not know Kim’s Story take the time to watch the series of videos at the bottom of this page. The few minutes you choose to learn about this amazing individual will enrich and broaden your own perspective and understanding of the Human Experience.

Kim Peek a Confounding Mixture of Disability and Brilliance.

Personally I find this kind of Human Interest Story Fascinating. This is not the kind of story that will probably garner nationwide attention in the way that a Hollywood Celebrities passing might, but nevertheless it’s a compelling story of a life we celebrate.

Kim first leapt into the national and then international spotlight 21 years ago when he was acknowledged as one of the primary inspirations for Dustin Hoffman's character in that year's hit movie, "Rain Man," about a savant.

How many times have you used the “I’m an excellent Driver” line in your life with friends or family? I suppose this is why this story just struck a chord with me, this and the rampant speculation over yesterday’s death of Brittany Murphy.

There will be no speculation over Kim Peeks death… just a heart attack. There will me no media frenzy, no influx of internet searches, no mass social network surges.

I found this statement to be most interesting:

Scientists also learned that Kim could hold a book within eight inches of his face and read the left page with his left eye, the right with his right eye at the same time. He devoured books that way.

One of Kim's favorite location on earth — and he and his dad traveled just shy of 3 million miles and talked to nearly 60 million people worldwide — was the public library in Salt Lake City, where he amused himself by memorizing phone books and Cole directories.

According to Kim’s Family one of many books he read and memorized was the Bible. I can hardly remember interesting passages. Kim was unbelievably brilliant, yet he couldn’t set a dinner table.

Kim was the subject of 22 documentaries and more than 4,000 articles, as well as two books by his father.

Kim is survived by his dad, his mother, Jeanne Willey Peek Buchi, and siblings Brian Peek and Alison Peek. His funeral will be Dec. 29

You can Read Kim Peeks Wikipedia Entry Here and learn more about him at the Wisconsin Medical Society Here.(Be sure to watch the videos).

Amazing is the capacity of the Human Brain.

Kim Peek Savant

Kim reminds me of a Cross between Michael Moore, Roger Ebert and Bill Gates
Kim reminds me of a Cross between Michael Moore, Roger Ebert and Bill Gates

Kim Peak Part 1

Kim Peak Part 2

Kim Peak Part 3

Kim Peak Part 4

Kim Peak Part 5


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  • ethel smith profile image

    Ethel Smith 

    8 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

    Yes I saw the news. Sad as he was quite young. What an amazing guy

  • double_frick profile image


    8 years ago

    Thank you for hubbing this! I didn't even know he had passed with all the commotion of Brittany Murphy's passing. The world is minus at least one great mind, as of Dec. 20th.


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