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君に届け (Kimi ni Todoke)

Updated on November 28, 2012

For the swaying flower of love

I want to be like Kazehaya, I hope to make more friends. When did such thoughts turn into admiration for Kazehaya? A story for the introverts, a story of hope. Sawako realised her romantic feelings for Kazehaya, little did she know about how Kazehaya's feelings for her. The obstacles that Sawako have to face, protecting her new-found friends from being misunderstood. A romantic comedy anime written by Karuho Shiina and published by Shueisha. An anime worth watching.

I'll connect them to you, I'll reach you

A sweet and timid girl who have resemblance to the character, Sadako, in The Ring. That's the exact descriptoon of Sawako Kuronuma, schoolmates are constantly apologising to her. Rumours spread about her being able to summon spirits and curse people. Though she had been trying up to clear up the misunderstanding, the students ran away with fright before she could truly speak up. Her wish was to be able to speak up more just like clssmate,Kazehaya. Sawako idolize Kazehaya, a popular male student which is well-loved by the people around him.

Kazehaya has always been a hyper guy who tries to talk to students who are quiet. Due to his personality, people can be found surrounding around Kazehaya. Sawako's school life started to experience some changes ever since she met Kazehaya. She started to make friends and talked to different people. Love started to slowly blossom between Sawako and Kazehaya. Yet there are several obstacles that they have to overcome together.

Sawako Kuronuma

Easily misunderstood, yet she tries to tell the truth no matter what the risks are. That was Kazehaya's impression of Sawako. Sawako tries her best at everything that she does. Even though she is still afraid to speak up. As the days passed, she gradually mixed well with her classmates. People stopped spreading the rumours about her when they know more about her. Sawako is thankful to Kazehaya, who changed her entire life.

I am totally in love with Sawako's personality in the anime. She might be much of an introvert, i love the way she treasures her friends. Especially when people started spreading rumours of Ayane and Chizu. She stood up for them, insisting an apology from the other party. My favourite part of the anime is when Sawako tries to smile, it always turn out to be creepy smile.

Rumours of Kuronuma Sawako

She got the power to curse and summon ghosts.If you stare into her eyes for more than 10 seconds, you will be sick.

Kazehaya Shota

The idol of Sawako ever since they first met, his cheerfulness and hyper was what she is most amazed of. On the other hand, Kazehaya's face will blush when he stares at Sawako for too long. Kazehaya will be jealous when he don't get to spend as much time with Sawako anymore. Kazehaya knew that he is very much in love with Sawako, he is slowly waiting for Sawako to be ready for a relationship.

Kazehaya is definitely the dream guy of all girls. He is considerate, gentle, kind and romantic in his own way. He can be childish at times which i find it cute. My favourite moment of Kazehaya is when he is embarrassed due to his own action. I love how the anime turns out in the end, it really motivates people who are introverts in real life to believe in love.

Kazehaya and Sawako Cosplay

Kazehaya and Sawako Cosplay
Kazehaya and Sawako Cosplay

Ayane Yano

Mature with good analysis skills, Ayane was able to predict and analyse how a person's personality is like. One of my favourite scene is when Ayane was able to predict the personality of Kurumi based on Chizuru. As she was very much mature, she was the first one to spot the love that blossom between Kazehaya and Sawako. She uses her own ways to bring them together. Sawako and Chizuru are her most treasured friends of all.

Throughout the whole anime, Ayane will display her evil-looking expression from time-to-time. That look is really entertaining and it hint that the anime is coming to a fun part. She is a funny character with regards to her characteristics. I love how she tries to protect her friends.

Ayane Yano Cosplay

Ayane Yano Cosplay
Ayane Yano Cosplay

Chizuru Yoshida

Simple-minded girl who treasures her friends more than anyone else. She was actually an ex-delinquent who rumoured to defeat 99 opponents before. She was already friends with Ayane when they were in class. She first interacted with Sawako and was amused by how Sawako wanted to keep up to everyone's expectations. She became very good friends with Ayane and Sawako. Her grades also improved thanks to Sawako's notes. She is much of a tomboy character yet she wanted to show off her feminine side to Ryu's brother, Tohru, the guy that she was in love with since young.

I love how straight forward Chizuru can be. Most of the times, she didn't think much before she speak. Being simple-minded, she was able to express her feeling easily. Yet she is very good in sports and aim for the best. I pretty much love the times that she spend with Ryu, it cheers me up when i see the scenes of them together.

Chizuru Yoshida Cosplay

Chizuru Yoshida Cosplay
Chizuru Yoshida Cosplay

Ayano and Chizuru Cosplay

Ayano and Chizuru Cosplay
Ayano and Chizuru Cosplay

Ryu Sanada

The most honest and forgetful character in the anime. He always have trouble trying to memorise people's name. Besides that, he is much of a quiet nature. His father own a ramen shop and he helps out with serving customers. Chizuru is his neighbour thus explained the good relationship that they had. In the anime, Sawako was the first one to know that Ryu love Chizuru. Yet he is more of a guardian angel of Chizuru as she love Ryu's brother.

I totally love Ryu, his words are so honest that it makes me laugh. I love how he is always by Chizuru's side, listening to her confide in him. Personally, i respect Ryu, he is willing to do a lot of things for her. Even though he may not be able to express himself that well. I am glad that his hard work pay off.

Ume Kurumizawa

The girl who was in love with Kazehaya ever since middle school. She kept her feelings to herself in hope that one day her feelings will be reciprocated. Even though she may appear to be sweet and loving, however her true self is the total opposite. Sawako was the only one who is able to force her to behave truthfully. Even though Kurumi tried to frame Sawako, forcing her to leave Kazehaya alone. Her plan backfire and Kazehaya had a misunderstanding about her falling in love with Arai. Kurumi confessed to Kazehaya about her love for him and decided to give him up. From that day onwards, she claimed Sawako as her rival.

Kurumi is an interesting character. People will be deceive by her innocent look in the first place. Like they said, "Never judge a book by its cover", Kurumi's true self was more of a haughty girl. Yet i felt that when it comes to love, she is very determined. I do not agree with her actions, but i acknowledge that she love Kazehaya more than anyone else. The impact that Kazehaya brought on to her was great as it affect her life. I find similarities between Kurumi and Sawako when it comes to talking about Kazehaya.

Ume Kurumizawa Cosplay

Ume Kurumizawa Cosplay
Ume Kurumizawa Cosplay

Ume Kurumizawa with shades Cosplay

Ume Kurumizawa with shades Cosplay
Ume Kurumizawa with shades Cosplay

Sawako's Parents

The sweetest parents of all, this is a fact that can't be denied. They loved Sawako more than anything else, they tried making their home as lively as could be. They were worried about Sawako, hoping she was able to make some friends. They were happier than everyone else when Sawako invite Ayane and Chizuru home for tea. Sawako treasured her parents just like how they treasured her. Their family bond is strong in its own way.

I love Sawako's parents expecially her father. The expression he show when he felt that Sawako might be in a relationship some day is amusing. I love how their family is united as one, celebrating occasions together. She have very understanding parents who is able to know what is best for their child.

Kazuichi Arai

Arai who is also known as Pin to the students, was the stand-in homeroom teacher for Sawako's class. He was also Kazehaya's middle school teacher thus explain the closeness he have with Kazehaya, Ryu and Chizuru. He doesn't behave much like a teacher and do things the way he wanted. Pin also believe that Sawako can exorcise him due to many incidents. He can be found bickering with Ayane whenever they met each other.

To me, Pin is a necessary character to make the anime more lively. He gave off the rowdy atmosphere, but it is hilarious how he thought that Sawako can exorcise ghosts. I love the bickering moments he have with Ayane, they look so similar to each other at the moment. I would definitely suspect that one day Ayane might end up with Pin.

Chara - Kataomoi

The ending song for the anime, i love the lyrics of the song.

Ayane, Kazehaya, Sawako and Chizuru Cosplay

Ayane, Kazehaya, Sawako and Chizuru Cosplay
Ayane, Kazehaya, Sawako and Chizuru Cosplay

Tanizawa Tomofumi - Kimi ni Todoke (Reaching You)

The opening song for Kimi ni Todoke, it totally match the title of the anime!

A Little Thought

After watching Kimi ni Todoke, would you consider watching the movie?

Excited to meet you in Live Action

The casts are as followed:

Mikako Tabe as Sawako Kuronuma

Haruma Miura as Shota Kazehaya

Misako Renbutsu as Chizuru Yoshida

Natsuna Watanabe as Ayane Yano

Mirei Kiritani as Ume Kurumizawa

Haru Aoyama as Ryu Sanada

Yuta Kanai as Soichi Shironouchi

Arata as Kazuichi Arai

An Option, a choice

Which is your favourite scene in Kimi ni Todoke

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