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Kip Moore- All American Country Music Singer

Updated on October 26, 2012

Kip Moore- Born and raised in Georgia, this country boy at heart is amongst some of the hottest country music stars on the market today. Known for his number one single Somethin Bout a Truck, and now his current single on the airways, Beer Money. This man whom I have had the pleasure of meeting is as down to earth as they come.

Kip Moore has had the pleasure of living in some of the best places in the world from Georgia to Hawaii and Alabama. His songs are as genuine as they come and hit home to the old fashion bar feel.

Beer Money


Most people do not know or recognize him from first appearing at a restaurant in Georgia called the Mellow Mushroom. He first appeared at the restaurant and was a complete hit! Once he graduated from college he decided to move to a small hut in Hawaii where he learned to surf and backpack.

In 2004, Kip moved from Hawaii to Nashville where he meet Brett James and was offered a publishing deal. He was in Nashville for four years before he was actually signed onto MCA Nashville. Once he was signed, he decided to release his first single, "Mary was the Marrying Kind". Noted as being a hot song it received both praises and critism. It was noted as being a bit heavy handed.

You might not know also that he helped to Co-write two songs for country music duo Thompson Square.

If you are looking for a new CD that is going to bring back some memories of sitting in a local pub tipping a few back, this would be the CD of choice. If you are looking to purchase a new CD that you can jam out to that is still low key enough to play with the kiddos in the car, this is the album for you. The great thing about this CD is that it is well rounded and suitable for almost anyone. Hope you go out and find you his CD today to learn what it is all about.


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