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Kiss Sonic Boom Review

Updated on May 6, 2014


I like various types of music. I was born in 1974 so my musical tastes range from heavy metal, rap, alternative and maybe even a little bit of country(very little). Although I like my I-Pod and downloading songs I still readily buy Cds. The great thing is now you can find them fairly cheap. I recently went to Wal-Mart and picked up the new Kiss Cd package Sonic Boom. Being that Kiss has not released any original music since the late 90's (Psycho Circus) I expected them to just mail it in. However, surprisingly I was wrong. Now before I do this review, I want to make a few things clear.

1. I really do not know how to properly review Cds

2. I am not being paid by the self promoting king Gene Simmons

3. I do not own every Kiss album Ever Made

4. I do not sleep in Kiss feet pajamas and have Kiss memorabilia sprawled around my apartment.

5. I am not a member of the Kiss Army

6. I saw them in 2000 at Great Woods in Massachusetts (or whatever they call it now). They were on their farewell tour. I guess they were lying but it still was a kick ass concert.

7. In the late eighties I really liked the album Crazy Nights as well as the greatest hits compilation released afterwards called Smashes Thrashes and Hits. I did not own their following new albums Hot In The Shade or Revenge.

8. I owned the late nineties Psycho Circus. I was not really impressed with this album but it did have a few good songs.

9. I do confess to have watched the movie that they made(late seventies?) for more than five minutes. Very very cheesy if you have not seen it.

10. All and All I am a Kiss fan but not a crazy one. They have certainly put on many good shows over the years that have giving their fans their moneys worth. Although their music might not be really complicated and certainly lyrically challenged they have written many good solid fun songs. Detroit Rock City, Shout It Out Loud, and Rock And Roll All Nite are my top three favorites.


The New Stuff

Again, with a three disc package Kiss could have certainly mailed in their efforts on the new songs. They certainly did not. Although there is nothing ground breaking on the new disc, it is very listenable and a fun record. Here are the tracks:

Modern Day Delliah- This is the first track of the album and it just jumps right out at you. The song written by Paul Stanley has a great chorus and Paul's voice sounds strong and sharp. They performed this song on the Lettermen show in late 09 and it sounded great. Great guitar solo also.

Russian Roulette- The second track on the album was written by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. The song starts off a little bit slow and seems like it is going to be a throw away song. However, the song then develops quickly and is one of the strongest songs on the album. Gene Simmons (who provides lead vocals on this song) voice sounds very strong.

Never Enough- The third track on the album is written by Paul Stanley and Tommy Thayer(new lead guitarist). This is my favorite song on the album. Althoughit is very reminiscent of other Kiss songs(like a lot of the album) Never Enough is a song to ride around in your car with the volume cranked.

Yes I Know (Nobody's Perfect)- The fourth track on the album was written by Gene Simmons who also provides lead vocal on the track. Another great song on the album that sounds a lot like late seventies Kiss. Although the Lyrics are a little bit cheesy-"I'm going to strike while the iron's hot tonight" begins the song it is really fun and catchy. Hey, What do we expect from Kiss?

Stand-The fifth song on the album is written by Simmons and Stanley. I think they could have left this one off the album. Nothing really special going on here

Hot And Cold- The sixth track on the album was written by Gene Simmons who also provides lead vocals. Not a bad song but not particularly a great one either. We can see that we are getting to some of the filler of the album.

All For The Glory- The seventh track of the album was written by Stanley and Simmons. The album comes storming back with this catchy tune that is reminiscent of late seventies Kiss.

Danger Us- The eight track on the album was written by Paul Stanley. Another so so song on the album. Worth listening to though.

I'M An Animal- The ninth track on the album was written by Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons and Tommy Thayer- I think this is the worst song on the album. This is a complete throw away.

When Lightning Strikes- The tenth track on the album was written by Tommy Thayer and Paul Stanley. Tommy Thayer provides lead vocals on this track and it has an eighties vibe to it. I like this song.

Say Yeah- The eleventh song on the album closes the album with a bang and is vintage Kiss. Say Yeah is a very catchy anthem like song that will stick in your head all day. It is the essence of what Kiss music is all about-fun catchy and simple.


The Old Stuff

 The rest of the Sonic Boom package provide you with a Cd of a selection of Kiss hits as well as a live concert DVD KIss made in Buenos Aires.

The tracks on the Kiss Klassics are as follows:

1. Deuce

2. Detroit Rock City

3. Shout it Out Loud

4.  Hotter Than Hell

5.  Calling Dr. Love

6.  Love Gun

7. I Was Made For Lovin' You

8. Heaven's On Fire

9.  Lick It Up

10. I Love It Loud

11. Forever

12. Christine Sixteen

13. Do You Love Me

14. Black Diamond

15. Rock And Roll All Nite

Although they omitted many songs that I do like, one can not really argue with this list.  I wonder what version of these songs appear on this album.  It seems like they may be the very first versions appearing on the early albums.  I do not know.  Shout it out Loud seems kind of slow to me.  They seem to have a faster version on some earlier compilation albums.  We also get a Live DVD with this package.  While I must admit I have not seen the DVD yet, it is probably good.  Most Kiss concerts are good so I can be confident that this one was probably good as well. 

So in closing I must say that this three disc set was a really good buy at Wal-Mart.  I only paid twelve dollars for the three disc set.  In this economy how can you argue with that?  Although Kiss has been accused of trying to over market themselves through out the years they have really hit a home run on this one.   I love the fact that Kiss gave a strong effort in making their new record,   they really give the fans their money's worth. 



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