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Kite Flyer Connor Doran America's Got Talent Predictions

Updated on August 19, 2010

Will the First Kite-Flying Act Win AGT?

Connor Doran has made the semifinals on the fifth season of America's Got Talent. Connor, a 17-year-old who suffers from epilepsy, is the first contestant to make the semifinals as an indoor kite flyer. Like many acts, there are mixed emotions about Connor's act. I believe he has earned his spot in the semifinals, and some of the comments against him seem very unfair and out of place. In the end, Connor has done well to make the semifinals and deserves his spot based on natural talent, overall entertainment value, and ability to create a beautiful, moving performance with nothing but music and a kite. However, he will likely not win America's Got Talent due to the relatively limited scope of his particular skills.

The first thing that people criticizing Connor's act are wrong about is whether he has talent. Unlike many acts on America's Got Talent (particularly some of the dance and variety acts), no one has yet to prove that Connor is not highly skilled in indoor kite flying. His moves are clearly spot on and pristine. He never makes a noticeable mistake in what is now 3 performances. Saying that anybody can fly a kite is like saying anybody can sing or anybody can dance. It's certainly unfair to Connor when we can see with our own eyes that he has honed these skills to perfection, at least within the confines of his performances so far. I've yet to see any proof that anybody can just pick up indoor kite flying and achieve the grace and beauty that Connor achieves with his talent.

I honestly don't know exactly how hard it is to do what Connor does, but his detractors are not even indoor kite flyers for the most part. They are just assuming that anyone can learn to do this. I seriously doubt that is the case, as the timing of Connor's performances, by itself, takes considerable talent. Again, until indoor kite flying is more popular, no one will really know how hard it is to reach Connor's skill level, at least not the average person sitting at home. It's hardly fair to say he has no special talent when there is no evidence to back up that claim.

The second and truly nasty accusation made by people criticizing Connor is that he is just receiving sympathy votes. This is poppycock (pun intended). Without prevailing on the first argument (see above) contending that he has no special talent (this remains unproven), it is simply guessing to say that he is just receiving sympathy votes. However, I am not blind to this possibility. But it is more likely that Connor got the producers' initial attention because of his epilepsy rather than that he is moving to the semifinals because of that disability. But it is unrealistic to not expect any kind of backstory. Some other contestants, such as Christina and Ali (sisters with cystic fibrosis), get noticed for this disability or medical condition. Others, such as Maricar (the sexy painter), get noticed for looks. Most everyone is getting noticed for something. Only a precious few acts, such as Michael Grimm and Fighting Gravity, have no real backstory and are there mostly for talent.

The real question is not how someone got noticed. People get noticed for lots of reasons. The question should be whether the act actually has talent once they get their foot in the door. Having gotten his foot in the door, many, including myself, can safely say that he has a relatively unique and emotion-provoking act that sets himself apart from the average dancers, comedians and other acts that we saw in the wildcard round. And I've yet to see a shred of evidence that the average person has the same indoor kite-flying skills as Connor. There is no proof of that whatsoever.

In the end, though, I believe Connor's act will lose steam. Unlike singers or perhaps a magic or dancing act, it still looks pretty much the same every time. He stepped it up by flying two kites at once during the wildcard round. That was a good move. But it can only go so far, and I think it's fair to expect at least 20 or so good minutes of entertainment without getting bored. Connor is likely someone who should be part of a bigger show. He would fit in nicely during a segment of a Cirque du Soleil or similar show the way baton twirlers and martial artists fit in that show.

I believe Connor Doran has earned his spot for the fifth season of America's Got Talent. But with the limited nature of his act, he is unlikely to win. If he can step it up just one more time (starting to get unlikely without adding other kite flyers with him), he may creep into the finals. From there, he will have a tough time. No matter how Connor got noticed, he has shown his talent. Connor should just go as far as he can now and then look to form a team with other flyers or join a larger show to display his beautiful kite flying.

Connor Doran Indoor Kite Flying on America's Got Talent


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    • heart4theword profile image

      heart4theword 6 years ago from hub

      That was so great, I am so glad you included the video:) What a fun thing for him! If he was to do that as part of an opening performance to bring on another soothing for the audience:)

    • profile image

      alan 7 years ago

      I thought Connor's talent wonderful, spiritual, and

      most refreshing. I would like to meet hime.

      Does anyone know his email ?

    • profile image

      Scott 7 years ago

      This is a very well written article and makes some of the arguments I've made myself in behalf of Connor's performances on America's Got Talent. What he does is very inspiring and incredibly peaceful to watch.

    • profile image

      Mary Martin 7 years ago

      I think Connor's kite flying is very soothing and healing. It could easily be used as alternative medicine. (ex: calm people down that are having stressful surgerys.) I will buy his video if he ever makes one. I would use it to calm me down before sleep.I would use it to pray. Great job!!! Conner do not quit!!! Your talent is beautiful!!!

    • profile image

      Terri 7 years ago

      I don't think he'll win--but I do enjoy watching him. I hope he gets the opportunity to perform with a bigger performance group. I too am very proud of him for his determination and guts to perform in front of a large audeience!!

    • profile image

      Lindsey 7 years ago

      Thank you for the best take on Connor's performances and talent.

      Knowing him personally and working with him at kite festivals and a few indoor performances I agree whole heartedly. He is a very fine young man and I have watched these past few months, with pride, as he has matured.

      Thanks again and I will make sure that Connor reads this well written and insightful article.

    • profile image

      sarah 7 years ago

      I love your article. It's refreshing to hear a person these days stand up for another. Everyone is America has talent of some sort. Connor is an exceptional young man, who gave his little piece to America, but your article did me proud. So who ever you are.. keep writing more pieces like this, and let's get the crap that people today call writing off the internet.