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Knowing Dolly Parton

Updated on April 4, 2013

Dolly Parton is a beloved icon that has spent most of her life singing. She began singing in the hill country of Tennessee with her siblings. Encouraged by her parents.

From all accounts they were the poorest of the poor her father being a share cropper.

Dolly was the first to graduate high school in her family.

In 2013 she is a savvy business woman by all accounts but those who know anything relevant about Dolly Parton Dean other than her music and her looks know that she's always been a savvy business woman.

She is what i consider an amazing woman. I like her even though i don't know her. Even though we find her upfront and honest what we know of her we feel like she's awesome..

Many of us appreciate her because she doesn't seem to take herself so seriously.

She also comes across as someone we would love to spend some real time getting to know.

Yet we know she's a truly private person although she claims she's out spoken about everything.

She does it well.

Things i didn't know

  • 4th of 12 children
  • started singing and writing songs about 6
  • can't read music
  • married since age 19 /20
  • her husband is Carl Dean
  • first song recorded at 11 / 12
  • is a songwriter
  • plays more than 4 musical instruments
  • had her own TV show
  • has a broadway show
  • owns a wig business / label
  • has written a book, titled Dream More
  • has no children of her own
  • wears wigs, makeup and heels at home
  • has honors outside of music,
  • owns amusement venues, Dollywood in TN and a pirate inspired venue in South Carolina known as Pirate Voyage, 2 Dixie Stampede locations and Splash Country
  • has a statue of herself in Sevierville, TN in front of the courthouse
  • has a major highway thoroughfare that is named after her
  • makes her home on her parent's property where she grew up, her retreat really
  • has an imaginary library for children that inspires through books and reading
  • has her own record label
  • headed to Nashville for a career after graduating high school

Physical traits

  • 5 feet tall
  • peroxide blonde
  • buxom
  • tiny waist

Business savvy

  • loves entertaining
  • claims she always presented a straight forward proposition when negotiating contracts
  • has multiple and varied business ventures
  • rises early
  • works hard
  • stays involved in her companies,
  • negotiates to keep her songwriting and music royalties, example concerning Elvis Presley
  • had her own TV show

Body image

  • lives a low carbohydrate lifestyle, but indulges on weekends
  • believes in nipping, tucking and sucking - references to plastic surgery of course.
  • is candid about her looks
  • describes herself as a cartoon
  • patterned herself after the town tramp, Dolly described as the "prettiest woman"

Married to Mr Dean since 19 /20, which makes it over 40 years. Chocking her success at marriage as being away from home, liking her husband and being friends.

Has no children because in her thirties she had a partial hysterectomy.

She talks about always trying to see the good in every situation and with everybody!


  • she is vocal about her Christian relationship with Jesus
  • sings gospel songs
  • encourages others
  • uses humor to deflect, defuse and make her point
  • oversees her company's business
  • thinks of herself as a working girl
  • is always doing something new and setting new goals for herself

She talks about not judging anyone. Of doing the best she can with what she has. About not having body issues, despite all the plastic surgery work done on herself.

Writes songs inspired by her life, mostly, depending on what she's doing or where she finds herself.

Tries to give common sense advice about living life to the fullest...

There is so much more to this entertaining icon. There's been so much said about her and so much she's said about herself, no holds barred. For me it is her down home sensibilities that encourage me and i love what i know of her personality...

Keep it up Dolly!!!


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    • Celiegirl profile image

      Celiegirl 4 years ago

      Hi Scribenet, i agree she's found her niche and she does it well...

      Hello peachpurple, she's in her mid sixties and still going strong, impressive...

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      she looks older now but the still the best in singing.

    • Scribenet profile image

      Scribenet 4 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      She is one of those larger than life women that has found her niche in life! Dolly Parton has also stood the test of time in an industry where few succeed staying in the public's memory for long! You are right, she is remarkable! :)