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Kollywood Buzz 1 : Hot Actress Trisha, Shreya and Anushka News and Sexy Picture Gallery

Updated on September 26, 2010

Trisha : Shreya my buddy!

The entire industry knows that Trisha and Shreya who earlier came together in a couple of movies are good pals. "When she comes to Chennai, she makes a point of dropping in," says Trisha. They started together, but today, they are solo heroines, each with a comparable market and influence. "Shreya is a photography buff. She always carries a digital camera with her. When she visits Chennai, she shoots me, and we have fun going about the town. We discuss many things, things dear to our hearts, things we detest. After she goes back, she invariably sends me parcels that contain what I had asked for or things that I had hinted I had liked, and mails the pictures she has shot. In an industry where peer rivalry is the norm, especially among actresses, friendship of this kind makes news. So Trisha and Shreya are good pals now. Let's hope they are friends forever.

Vijay To Play An Idiot?

Is Vijay, the lIaya Thalapathi, to play one of the three idiots in the Tamil remake of the Aamir Khan Hindi blockbuster? Sources close to the hero say yes. He will be doing the role of Rancho that was originally played by Aamir Khan. Satyaraj will take the role of the professor, while it is rumoured that Jeeva will play Raju, played by Sharman Joshi in the original Hindi one. Industry watchers are asking who then, will play the role of Maddy? Maddy himself? No clue! Vijay Antony will score the music, and noted cinematographer Ratnavelu will go behind the camera. Soon you can expect an official post on this. As to the heroines, probably the heroes will have a say as who they will be. For the first time, Vijay will be confined to a role that has little dishum-dishums and none of his masala mannerisms. The producers have decided to keep the story and screenplay as it is in the original version. It should be a pretty neat film then.

To Pair With A Spirit?

Guess who will be playing the lead female role in Raghavendra Lawrence's sequel to Muni? Muni was the movie about a spirit that Raghavendra made some time back. Encouraged by the film's success, particularly in tier two
and three cinema houses, Raghavendra is now ready with a sequel. Anushka plays a character called Kanchana, and Raghavendra says that it might as well be the name of the movie. To be made in Telugu and Tamil simultaneously, production is all set to take off.

Tamil Actress Hot Photos - Guess the Actress Name!


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