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Kolu Kolanna Kole

Updated on February 8, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Karnataka's Kids,Boys & Girls Dance.

Any school or college has its annual gatherings in our state and it is a occasion for parents to meet all the faculty of the school or college.This is also a day of farewell to students who have completed their term and taking up their studies in another school or college for higher studies or completing their full term including graduation.On this day several competitions are arranged for all students to participate.Several do come and many enkoy by being spectators to this event.Every one knows this part fully.

The dance that I participates and the drama are fresh in my memory.while I did the part of a house wife my senior was my husband.He still calls me that I am Mrs.Radha the name of the lady his wife in the drama.The other dance was Kolu Kolanna Kole.

A new Kannada film had this song in a funny way and I tried to include it as a video but had to cut it as it did not do justice for the song which was a folk song for men or women or both and not a dance song for a love story.This song is so easy to sing like any folk songs as it has its own style taken as you like and as you want.This song is done by holding 2 thick sticks and beating them on each other making sounds accompanied by music.This is Kolata kolu meaning sticks and ata meaning play this was for us only and is no more in any schools or colleges.

The song is sung with many variations by many singers.The best being the one by M.D.Pallavi.She has a terrific voice and her group is all singers and instrument players,who will sing songs with such original like songs.This song is a classic now in Kannada.We did the dance as per age old method dressed up with Red Turbans,Yellow short Dhoti's and Folk Shirts of check design in green and blue color.

All dances are not performed due to severe practice needed.

There are dances by man who do other types also like,Yakshagana Dance which needs lot of make up and is mostly done by professionals.Similarlly there are dances with drums an age old dance after the victory of a war.One more is Dollu Kunitha which forms a part of the ritualistic dances which come under 'Kumitha'.meaning dance.Veeragase is another popular folk dance.The dancers put on white turban like head gear and wear kakhi colored dhotis, rudrakshamala, nagabharanas and a wooden plaque of Lord Veerabhadra on their chest and smear their forehead ears and eye brows with vibhooti. Sporting an unsheathed sword in the right hand and a wooden plaque of Veerabhadra in the left hand and the dancers perform a martial dance to the beat of big Bear and camel skin used drums.Also Kamsale dance is another type of dance known to few.

[ Lambani Dance is by women dressed colorfully and move circularly with clapping and singing. This dance is out of the common dress which they wear daily, their mode of living and dwelling is very clumsu in many places, they dance on important festivities in a free manner.Nobody does this dance in colleges.]

There are many other dances which bring a life to these ethnic dance and help to awake these folk dance back to our society to enjoy and develop good society. Preserve these traditional folk life through these college farewell programmes aranged yearly.


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