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Korean Celebrities Rumors, Controversies and Scandals

Updated on December 10, 2015
Xhyniie profile image

Xhyniie has been a KPOP fan for 3 years and K-drama fan for 14 years. She enjoys writing about the Korean entertainment industry.

Kris, Luhan and Tao filed lawsuit against S.M. Entertainment

Kris VS S.M. Entertainment

S.M. Entertainment faced two different lawsuits from its talents (EXO-M members). First is EXO-M’s leader Kris had filed a lawsuit against the agency to terminate his contract for being treated like an object and violating basic human rights.

Luhan VS S.M. Entertainment

After six months, Luhan another member of EXO-M member filed a lawsuit against the agency. Luhan wants to nullify his contract with the agency because of health issues and being treated differently than it's Korean members having no promotions. EXO continues to promote with 10 members.

Tao VS S.M. Entertainment

But it’s not the end of the battle between S.M. Entertainment and EXO-M member. In 2015, Tao’s father posted a message for his son to withdraw from the group. Tao had previously sustained several injuries, including a torn tendon in his ankle, that had not been properly treated, further worsened, and caused him to be absent during promotions for the group's second studio album Exodus.
Tao later left S.M. Entertainment and filed a lawsuit against the talent agency for the termination of his exclusive contract.

Sulli left f(x) a year after the announcement that she is in a relationship with Dynamic Duo’s Choiza

Rumours begin in 2013 that Sulli and Choiza were dating. The next year (2014), S.M. Entertainment announced that Sulli would be taking a temporary hiatus from the Korean entertainment industry due to being mentally and physically exhausted by her chaotic career. The same year, it was also announced that Sulli and Choiza were in a relationship. After a year of rumours spread, Sulli finally left f(x) on August 7, 2015.

Glam member Dahee and model Lee Ji Yeon sentenced to 1 year in prison for blackmailing Korean actor Lee Byung Hun

GLAM member Dahee and model Lee Ji Yeon was the hottest talked in the entertainment industry not because of any achievements but because of blackmailing Korean actor Lee Byung Hun. Dahee and Lee Ji Yeon threatened Lee Byung Hun that they will release a video of them if the actor will not give them the sum of 5 billion won (approximately $ 5 million USD). The actor later reports them to the police and they were arrested on September 1, 2014.

On 2014, Jessica posted a message on her Weibo account that she was “forced out” from Girl’s Generation. After a year, Jessica left the group.

Last September 30, 2014, Jessica posted a message on her personal Weibo account that she was “forced out” from Girl’s Generation. It was later confirmed by S.M. Entertainment saying that Jessica would no longer be a member of Girl’s Generation due to constant conflicts with the groups and Jessica’s schedules. A year after the issued broke out, S.M. Entertainment released a statement on August 6, 2015 that the company and Jessica had officially parted ways.

Big Bang’s G Dragon marijuana scandal

Four years ago Big Bang’s member G Dragon was involved in a marijuana scandal. On the episode of SBS Healing camp he admitted that he couldn’t believe that the results of his drug tests are positive with marijuana. In addition, he also said that (when the group was in Japan) a stranger give him cigarette in which he stated that the problems started. He even said that he couldn’t differentiate marijuana and cigarette.

But on 2014 G Dragon was caught up again in a drug scandal after he posted a photo on his instagram account. The photo is a heart shape out of a possibly powder substance with the name “Molly” in it (molly is another term for MDMA, an ingredient in ecstacy). The photo was deleted after netizens angrily responds to it.

Kim Hyun Joong VS ex-girlfriend identified as “Miss Choi” in court

Kim Hyun Joong’s ex-girlfriend identified only as Miss Choi sued the actor for $ 1.6 million psychological damages from her miscarriages (child with the actor) and beating. Text messages between the actor and his ex-girlfriend were released online.

Kang Ji Hwan Photo scandal in the Philippines

Korean actor Kang Ji Hwan was having a magazine pictorial in the Philippines when a photo of him and a woman surfaced online. The said photo draws mixed reactions from netizens. The photo was posted on Facebook with the caption "Together sleep with korean actor ji hwan kang"

2NE1’s Park Bom alleged drug smuggling

On 2014, rumours spread that 2NE1 Park Bom previously tried to smuggle drugs from the United States to South Korea. The said case happened in 2010 but only in the year 2014 that fans knew about it. Although the case was dismissed, some fans think that whether it is because of she is a popular idol that her agency tries to protect her.


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      Baek 2 years ago

      How sad that some of Kpop idols has problems in life