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Korean Drama Fever (Is it hot in here or what?)

Updated on September 2, 2013

Korean drama crushing all over the place

I'd like to blame it on this summers sweltering heat but my temperature's been escalating since late last December. And with the smart and sexy factor heating up on all my Kdramas my addiction's got me nice and toasty.

This drama season in particular seems to be boiling over with handsome hotties and breathtaking beauties, aesthetics aside though, this seasons writers also seem to be endowing their characters with attractive qualities that extend far beyond the exterior. So my crushing is on full blown overdrive.

And no need to deny it any longer, I am in the middle of a serious case of Korean drama fever. So pass me the remote and serve me up some patbingsu I don't think they'll be much relief from this heat any time soon.

So thank you Kdrama writers and thank you Kdrama hotties, I am sincerely enjoying those wise and witty bits of dialogue drizzled in between the obligatory shower scenes. Keep it coming, me likes.


Speaking of awesome shower scenes, Song Seung Hun I am so crushing on you lately.

Now I have to admit I missed the whole "My Princess" craze. Ever since my 14th birthday I've had a hard time watching anything with the word "Princess" in the title. But as fate would have it I did somehow manage to catch wind of the Song Seung Hun barely covered by a towel in "My Princess" craze. And I must how fairy tales have changed.

But as I hinted at earlier it really does take more than a perfectly chiseled profile and an unbelievable six pack to garner crush status. And last years "Dr. Jin" almost made me forget how Oppa Song Seung Hun sizzles. But his smoldering turn in this years "When a Man Loves" made me remember how good he was in "East of Eden" and how talented he can be while looking so doggone fly. So again, kudos to the writers of "When a Man Loves" for creating such a multi-dimensional, heart wrenching character for Song Seung Hun to beautifully flex a lot more than his pecs. But don't get it twisted keep flexing those pecs Oppa.


And a little facial hair for the Ajummas

So don't get me wrong we love the fresh faced idols but sometimes a crush needs less cutesy and more mystery. And nothings more rare and mysterious in a Kdrama than a man with a moustache. So we were pleasantly surprised to find some buds popping up above some well placed lips this season.

The best moustache was worn of course by my number one crush Song Seung Hun in "When a Man Loves". His goatee added that bad boy edge to his character and not since Cha Seung Won in "The Greatest Love" has a 'stache looked like it was actually on a face that could handle it.

And then there was the baby 'stache happening on Kim Nam Gil in "Shark". It seems like Kim Nam Gil likes to rock that baby 'stache a lot but I'll be honest I never really noticed him until his sad, scary, intensely penetrating performance in this seasons hit drama. And while he gave a commanding performance, unlike Song Seung Hun or Cha Seung Won he appears to still be growing into his moustache. But that's okay his stellar performance gives him a pass and awards him full crush status.


And finally some fangirl flavor for the Kdrama lovelies

As I said before the dramas have been really good this season. Strong female leads seem to be trending right now and oddly enough my fangirl crush is coming from the unlikeliest of places...the daily.

Now the daily drama for me has been the mindless murmur in the background while I prepare for my real drama to come on, but this year a little drama led by a little lady has got me catching some feelings.

Jeon So Min must be no more than 90 pounds soaking wet, if that, but she's performing like a heavyweight in the title role of "Princess Aurora". Again much of the credit is due to the fresh writing of the notorious hit maker Im Sung Han, but Jeon So Min in her first lead role is delivering her character with a powerful punch. And I mean that literally.

She plays a character that, when slapped once slaps back twice, when shoved she Taekwondo's you. All the while she's quoting monks and philosophers, never cowering, speaking her mind and demonstrating unwavering pride as well as heartbreaking humility. Can you tell I'm a fan?

And for the fellas she's super cute too. Not in the typical Kdrama or even Kpop way. On the series they call her "almost Audrey" because she's beautiful in that Hepburn sort of way. Can't get a better compliment than that. I super dig her so she's totally crushable.

So Kdrama fever I surrender

That's just a bit of what this Kdrama season has been about for me. With white hot Khunks and super cute Kbeauties and smarter, wittier dialogue and interesting, complex storylines, 2013 has been a hot mess of Kdrama fun. So it's understandable that I'm a bit feverish, right? And oh yeah this just in, I hear Song Seung Hun is contemplating an erotic drama for his upcoming project...where's my patbingsu?!


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