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Korean Drama Kill Me Heal Me

Updated on May 11, 2015

Drama Poster

Credit to the Site
Credit to the Site | Source

My Short Review

A Korean Drama starred by an actor named Ji Sung, and his one of my favorite actor since last quarter of 2014 up to date. Probably because he portrayed characters that gave an impact on the stories he played.

Anyways, I want to share to my readers how this Drama made me laugh, cry and giggle on each episodes I've watch, and I guarantee that you will enjoy the story too. It was quite not a good thing if you will just be informed that the plot was a story of a man who have 7 personalities, you might think that this is some kind of weird thing that how it may be a romance comedy, well it was indeed weird but the actor did very well on presenting his several kind of persona on the story. And on process he falls in love to a psychiatrist who is new on her profession.

The Story

To give you an idea, I want to share also a short synopsis of the story. At first you will see Cha Do-Yun struggled not to change to another personality named Shin Se-Gi, and the said character is a bad guy who do a lot of trouble, then while on that state he met Oh Ri Jin the psychiatrist, who was energetic on doing what she love, she inspires and give hopes to her patients. On the first few episodes you will be amazed how Shin Se Gi falls to Oh Ri Jin as soon as he sees her. And somehow you will be confused on the twist of the story. Then as those episodes come and go you anticipate not to end the said drama due to its good plot and twist, I even wished that they may extend it, and sadly it did not, but in fairness to them it did end well. Not as happy I want it to be, but Korean Drama are just like that I thought. Cha Do Yun is the original persona, then he unconsciously created another 6 character out of him just to forget his unbearable memories when he was a child...

The Characters

here are the characters of Ji Sung:

Cha Do Hyun - The original Personality, who always gets all the consequences of his personality while his consciousness is nowhere to be found.

Shin Se Gi - As I have mentioned earlier he was the bad guy, the trouble maker, but as the story goes by he was the most hurt one because he was the one knows what happen to Cha Do yun when he was Kid.

Perry Park - The oldest personality, who wants to have a Yacht so that he can travel around the world while fishing, but he also some sort of problem because he loves making bombs and his kind of obsessed about it.

Ahn Yo Seob - 17 year old boy, genius, loves to read book. But he has a suicidal personality, when he appear he like to end the life of Cha Do Yun due to he knows that he suffer a lot by having multiple personalities.

Ahn Yo Na - Twin sister of Ahn Yo Seob, she was a hard headed girl who likes to do what she wanted, she even cause a trouble when she met Oh Ri Jin on their firt meeting.

Nana - the little Girl who loves to play a big teddy bear, she does not appear much, but she was also mysterious anyhow. You will be amazed who this young girl was when you will see her on the last part of the story.


Mr. X - on the episodes you might anticipate the appearance of him, well you will just see him on the last episode and you might be confused why, but it did explained why he need to appear at the last part.

Here they are:

Credit to the Site
Credit to the Site | Source
My Favorite Character
My Favorite Character | Source

See the Official Trailer

My Rating

And that was it, it was kinda confusing to few on how I share this drama, but I want all of you to watch it also, It was worth of your time. It will inspire, and give us some ideas on how to treat person with such disabilities like D.I.D (Dissociative Identity Disorder), in other term Multiple Personality, it highlighted that even such persons might have that disorder, they are still sane and have their feelings no matter what other people might think of them.

I have given this drama 10 stars, I really love it, I hope to those who want to try, watch it now, all episodes are ready for viewing in many sites available on line (Sorry but can't mention here where I seen all of the episodes, I might brake some rules ☺).

Some may not agree with me that this drama is good, however, this is my review and I really adores Ji Sung (LOL). If you have some comments you can share here. GOD bless!

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