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Krampus Review

Updated on December 4, 2015
1 star for Krampus Rating

Krampus is a what the industry likes to call "a dumb fun" movie. This over-the-top and ridiculous movie is so idiotic, it's entertaining. It's terrible as a standard movie and most certainly isn't even a good film. However, there's more enjoyment in the last thirty minutes alone than most blockbusters this year. The movie Krampus is unrealstically dumb in all the right reasons.

One family is traumatized as creatures from the dark start to pick them off one by one. Creatures that are being controlled by the entity Krampus. A horned like Santa Clause that grants one terrible wish, when a child starts to not believe in the Christmas spirit anymore. Its out for blood as it terrorizes a wealthy suburban in search for the person that summoned him.

The movie Krampus isn't going to blow anyone's mind, scare anyone, etc. Krampus is here to simply be a tool of disgust. It's here to shock audiences while making them question what had just happened. The movie itself is a selfaware train wreck that's on a direct course to the darkest parts of your mind. It will completely engulf your attention with ludicrous creatures and funny moments spread out. Its like an ADD squirrel that's been trapped in a box for a month.

The story itself is quite interesting and the premise is also interesting. Though the director seemed to love to always one up a crazy scene with a crazier scene. The rollercoaster ride is a fun one but it makes you sick after while. The story is overshadowed by unorthodox aspects and scenes. Though these moments are quite entertaining and make for some pretty great scenes.

The comedy doesnt work a lot in the movie. At least the intentional jokes, that are sprinkled throughout the film, with a lot of unintentional comedy. For example, one puppet looking creature shollows a kid. He then unspeakably wipes his mouth off while he proceeds to growl at the camera, continuing the laughter throughout the scene. The movie plays off like a morbidly bad wedding joke that makes the audience laugh for easement of the person making the speech.

The characters in the film are despicably hilarious and over-the-top representations of real life people. They make for a great catalyst for their own demises while making those scenes a wonderful treat. They don't allow feelings to be spared on them as they make their one linet's before disappearing. This leads to an ending that spits in the face of the audience; not caring what they think about it.

Overall, Krampus is a mess of a film. It really doesn't succeed as a comedy, a thriller, or even a horror movie. Its a Netflix movie, if you're ever in the need to watch an over-the-top horror/comedy movie. Its worth watching on entertainment alone. Krampus is its own short bus with one stool, no benches, no steering wheel, and one man in a straight jacket. Is it worth getting that ride?


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