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Kumi Koda Complete Discography (Best / Compilation Albums)

Updated on May 27, 2012
Kumi Koda promoting her fourth best album "Out Works & Collaboration Best".
Kumi Koda promoting her fourth best album "Out Works & Collaboration Best".

Kumi Koda is perhaps best known in the J-pop fandom for her prolific "best" album releases, beginning with her first megahit "BEST ~first things~". Since then she's released best albums in quick successions, perhaps as a label's ploy to milk her riding popularity for all that it's worth. Each one of her best albums has a unique quirk to it, however, whether it's in its release format, the type of songs included, or even if it comes with an original album. Many people criticize her (and her label) for these releases, but without a doubt Koda's career would be a very different story without her iconic best albums.

2CD Only
2CD Only

#1 - BEST ~first things~

Released: September 21st, 2005

Oricon: #1

Sales: 1,900,000+

CD 1

  3. Trust Your Love
  5. So Into You
  6. love across the ocean
  7. m·a·z·e
  8. real Emotion
  9. 1000 no Kotoba (1000の言葉) (Trans. 1000 Words)
  11. Gentle Words
  12. Crazy 4 U

CD 2

  1. Cutie Honey (キューティーハニー)
  2. Chase
  3. Kiseki (奇跡) (Trans. Miracle)
  4. Selfish
  5. hands
  6. Hot Stuff feat. KM-MARKIT
  7. Butterfly
  8. flower
  9. Promise
  10. Star
  11. the meaning of peace (First Press Bonus Track)


  1. TAKE BACK (Promotional Video)
  2. Trust Your Love (Promotional Video)
  3. COLOR OF SOUL (Promotional Video)
  4. So Into You (Promotional Video)
  5. love across the ocean (Promotional Video)
  6. m·a·z·e (Promotional Video)
  7. real Emotion (Promotional Video)
  8. COME WITH ME (Promotional Video)
  9. Gentle Words (Promotional Video)
  10. Crazy 4 U (Promotional Video)
  11. Cutie Honey (Promotional Video)
  12. Chase (Promotional Video)
  13. Kiseki (Promotional Video)
  14. Selfish (Promotional Video)
  15. hands ~single version~ (Promotional Video)
  16. Hot Stuff feat. KM-MARKIT (Promotional Video)
  17. Butterfly (Promotional Video)
  18. Promise (Promotional Video)
  19. Special Mix Video from BEST ~first things~ (First Press Bonus Track)

"BEST ~first things~" is the album credited for launching Koda's career. A bit "delayed" in terms of J-pop, especially at that time, this first best had to include 2 CDs in order to cover four albums' worth of single tracks and a couple extras. (The album includes all her A-sides from her debut "TAKE BACK" to her most recent single at the time, "Promise / Star".) Even then many were still shocked when Koda ended up claiming her first #1 and clearing 1,000,000 copies in sales without much effort. From the release of this album she would suddenly be considered one of the biggest names in the J-pop industry.

CD Only
CD Only

#2 - BEST ~second session~

Released: March 8th, 2006

Oricon: #1

Sales: 1,800,000+


  1. Introduction to the second session
  2. D.D.D. feat.SOULHEAD
  3. you
  4. Candy feat.Mr.Blistah
  5. Shake It Up
  6. feel
  7. WIND
  8. Love goes like...
  9. No Regret
  10. Birthday Eve
  11. Lies
  12. Ima Sugu Hoshii (今すぐ欲しい) (Trans. I Want it Right Now)
  13. KAMEN feat.Ishii Tatsuya (石井竜也)
  14. Someday
  15. A Whole New World / Koda Kumi & Peabo Bryson (First Press Bonus Track)


  1. you (MUSIC VIDEO)
  2. Candy feat.Mr.Blistah (MUSIC VIDEO)
  3. Ima Sugu Hoshii (MUSIC VIDEO)
  4. Birthday Eve (MUSIC VIDEO)
  5. feel (MUSIC VIDEO)
  7. KAMEN feat.Ishii Tatuya (MUSIC VIDEO)
  9. Lies (MUSIC VIDEO)
  10. No Regret (MUSIC VIDEO)
  11. Shake It Up (MUSIC VIDEO)
  12. Someday (MUSIC VIDEO)
  13. ...and 「Wish Your Happiness & Love」

DVD 2 (Live video from LIVE TOUR 2005 ~first things~)

  1. Opening Movie at Osaka
  2. Butterfly
  3. Cutie Honey
  4. Chase
  5. Gentle Words
  6. Heat feat. MEGARYU
  7. Hot Stuff feat. KM-MARKIT
  8. Crazy 4 U
  9. hands
  11. Rain (Unplugged Version)
  13. m·a·z·e
  14. Selfish
  15. Promise
  16. Star
  17. Trust Your Love
  19. real Emotion
  20. the meaning of peace
  21. flower
  22. Walk

"BEST ~second session~" was released just six months after "BEST ~first things~" and included all the A-sides from the "12 Singles Project" released in between them, as well as a couple new tracks. Likewise, the first DVD also included all the promotional videos released with the project. The second DVD included concert live footage, the first for a Koda release. This album matched the success of the first best album, and even became the first album by an Asian artist to reach #1 on the World Charts two weeks in a row.


Released: March 14th, 2007

Oricon: #2

Sales: 300,000+


  1. Ashita e... (明日へ・・・) (Trans. To Tomorrow...)
  2. Taisetsu na Kimi e (大切な君へ) (Trans. To You, Precious )
  3. 1000 no Kotoba ~Alternate Orchestra Version~ (1000の言葉)
  4. Your Song
  5. Pearl Moon
  6. Rain
  7. Hana (華; Flower)
  8. hands
  9. Saigo no Ame ~Time Heals Version~ (最後の雨) (Trans. The Last Rain)
  10. Promise
  11. you ~piano version~
  12. come back
  13. Kiseki (奇跡)
  14. walk


  1. Get Up & Move!! (Promotional Video)
  2. Crazy 4 U (Promotional Video)
  3. JUICY (Promotional Video)
  4. So Into You ~Short Version~ (Promotional Video)
  5. Selfish (Promotional Video)
  6. Candy feat. Mr. Blistah (Promotional Video)
  7. Hot Stuff feat.KM-MARKIT (Promotional Video)
  8. Live DVD Trailer From Live DVD 'KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2006-2007 ~second session~'
  9. Love goes like... (From Live DVD 'KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2006-2007 ~second session~')
  10. HOW TO DANCE VIDEO ~Get Up & Move!!~

"BEST ~BOUNCE & LOVERS~" is a best album with two facets: the CD contains all of Koda's "best ballads", with a few new versions and a new song "Ashita e...".; the DVD contains "dance versions" of Koda's more upbeat promotional videos. This best charted high but couldn't get #1 like the previous two. It also sold less than 1/4th of the other two as well.

#4 - Out Works & Collaboration Best

Released: March 25th, 2009

Oricon: #7

Sales: 45,000+

  1. Get It On
  2. the meaning of peace (Koda Kumi & BoA)
  3. SWITCH (LISA feat. Koda Kumi & Heartsdales)
  4. Heat feat. MEGARYU
  5. It's a small world (Koda Kumi & Heartsdales)
  6. Just Go (JHETT a.k.a. YAKKO for AQUARIUS feat. Koda Kumi)
  7. Hot Stuff (Koda Kumi feat. KM-MARKIT)
  8. Rainy Day (KM-MARKIT feat. Koda Kumi)
  9. Super Sonic (Koda Kumi & D.I.)
  10. Candy feat. Mr.Blistah
  11. XXX (SOULHEAD feat. Koda Kumi)
  12. KAMEN feat. Ishii Tatsuya
  13. JOY -meets Koda Kumi- (TRF)
  14. WON'T BE LONG (EXILE & Koda Kumi)
  15. Simple & Lovely (m-flo loves Koda Kumi)
  16. LAST ANGEL feat. Tohoshinki
  17. That Ain't Cool feat. Fergie

The "Out Works & Collaboration Best" album is a collection of "out works" (full-length songs to not have a physical release yet, in which case only "Get It On" applies on this album) and songs in which Koda collaborated with other artists, both in her discography and from others. This album has thus far done the worse out of all the others on this list - actually, it's done the worse of all her albums ever. However, it's the only album that some of these appear on and still has high collection value for Koda fans.

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2CD Only2CD + DVDBest CD+Original Chaku UtaBest CD+Original Chaku Uta SHIDAX
2CD Only
2CD Only
Best CD+Original Chaku Uta
Best CD+Original Chaku Uta
Best CD+Original Chaku Uta SHIDAX
Best CD+Original Chaku Uta SHIDAX

#5 - BEST ~third universe~

Released: February 3rd, 2010

Oricon: #1

Sales: 370,000+

CD 1 (BEST ~third universe~)

  1. Koi no Tsubomi (恋のつぼ) (Trans. Bud of Love)
  2. I'll be there
  3. Ningyo-hime (人魚姫) (Trans. Mermaid Princess)
  4. With your smile
  5. Yume no Uta (夢のうた) (Trans. Song of Dreams)
  6. BUT
  8. girls
  9. Ai no Uta (愛のうた) (Trans. Song of Love)
  10. LAST ANGEL feat. Tohoshinki
  11. anytime
  12. Moon Crying
  13. That Ain't Cool (feat. Fergie)
  14. Lady Go!
  15. TABOO
  16. stay with me

For the second CD, the DVD, and comments on this release, please see the "Kumi Koda Original Albums" hub.

All images in this hub are copyright avex trax/their respective photographers. They are used here for promotional purposes only.


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