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Kung Fu Rhymes

Updated on October 3, 2017

Kung Fu Panda


In the valley of Peace, there was a land in China.
Inhabitated by Giant Panda.
The Pandas a fu fanatic who loves the furious five.
Trained by a master that he'd soon be trained by.
In the meantime. He works for his adopted father.
But dreams of becoming a kung fu master.
Meanwhile, Oogway, an old tortoise.
Has a vision of one of Shifu's old students.
Tai Lung. He'd escape from prison.
& come to the Valley to get what was rejected.
The DRAGON SCROLL. Shifu's alarmed.
He sends a message to the prison to increase their arms.
Meanwhile, Shifu holds a tournament.
Po the Panda happens to enter it.
Despite the furious 5 he is chosen.
He is given the Dragon Scroll.
Chosen to carry a great load.
Chosen to be the dragon warrior.
Chosen to stand battle a fierce soldier.
But Shifu didn't choose him.
Oogway was the one that chose him.
Shifu was unwilling to accept it.
Tried to get rid of po through tough training.
But none of them worked. Oogway built him up.
He had po ready to battle the tough.
Meanwhile, the great Tai Lung Escapes.
He escapes and begins his fate.
While po trains to stand up against his fate.
The furious five are setting themselves.
To stop Tai Lung but are overwhelmed.
They are defeated by Lung's nerve strikes.
Lung comes and they begin to fight.
At first, Po is discouraged.
Starts to feel his training was not worth it.
But once he defeats Tai Lung.
He finds out that his purpose.

Jack Black
Randal Duk Kim
Dustin Hoffman
Master Shifu
Ian McShane
Tai Lung

Kung Fu Panda 2

Wanted to be mad

Lord Shen leads a peacock clan in China
Seeking, to weaponize gunpowder.
The gunpowder created fireworks.
But a goat promised that the plan won't work.
Will defeat Lord Shen if he doesn't get right.
To make him a liar, Shen sends wolves after.
Every place that has a herd of pandas.
Decades later, Po is living his dream.
He's close to being at peace with his inner being.
He's Defending the valley and all things in it.
But it gets testy when the wolves invade it.
Meanwhile, Po wants to know of his parents.
Po asked his father how he ended.
How he ended in the Valley.
He then shifted his focus to a city.
Gongmen city. Once protected by a rhino.
but Shen returned and started running the show.
He killed him and is plotting to take over.
Master Shifu unleashes the Soldiers.
The city was riddled with Shen's forces.
Po's approach had to strategic.
So he was caught and taken to the tower.
Shen had the weapon and he had the power.
but po frees himself and destroys the weapon.
But a flashback has po distracted.
The distraction, allowed Shen to escape.
He goes to a factory and Po Breaks.
He breaks into it and questions Shen.
Po finds that his parents abandoned him.
Po is sad but he's alright.
Then a goat comes and reveals his life.
The goat takes Po to the sight.
Where his parents sacrificed.
Sacrificed, their lives so he'd live.
Instead of being mad that he lied.
Po went back and he tried.
Tried to help him let go of his past.
but in the end, Shen just wanted to be mad

Jack Black
Dustin Hoffman
Master Shiftu
Michelle Yeoh
Gary Olman
Lord Shen

Kung Fu Panda 3


In the Spirit realm, there's an adversary.
The adversary's name is Kai.
Kai's defeated many in the spirit realm.
Oogway was one of them.
But Oogways lost comes with a warning.
He warns Kai that he will be losing.
He warns Kai of Po the soldier.
Not just any soldier but the DRAGON WARRIOR.
Meanwhile, Shifu's retiring.
& he wants po in his place teaching but...
That kung fu teaching isn't as easy.
He attempts and fails and start questioning.
Starts questioning himself. He felt discouraged.
The retired Shifu had to encourage.
Encourage him. Shifu saw he needed help.
He tells him he can do it if he just is himself.
In the midst, po meets Li Shan.
He realizes that it's his real dad.
He introduces him to friends.
He shows him that he defends.
He defends the valley of peace.
But he meets Kai and learns about the chi.
Kai was created from the chi.
Po had to research how to defeat.
In doing so, he learned he has to master.
The use of the chi. So he went to pandas.
Ancient Pandas. He went to a village.
To learn the abilities that he inherited.
Meanwhile, Kai sends zombie minions.
To capture Po but his new friends.
The pandas, hold off his army.
While his loyal friends distract Kai.
Until they meet face to face.
Po takes the battle to a different place.
They fight and Po is devoured.
But his friends team up and empower.
Po harnesses the Chi to create a dragon.
That overloads Kai, causing a huge explosion.

Jack Black
Bryant Canston
Li Shan
Dustin Hoffman
Master Shifu
JK Simmons

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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