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Kurt & Blaine: The Glee's Couple Representing Ideal Love?

Updated on September 1, 2016
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Glee DVDs
Glee DVDs | Source

Kurt Hammel & Blaine Anderson are two fictional characters from Glee, the popolar TV series loved by million of teens in the world. Kurt attends McKinley High School and is constantly victim of bullies because of his homosexuality. Blaine, instead, is a student of the private Dalton Academy and he is another gay character. Going over with the episodes, the two boys start to know each other until they fall in love. However their relationship seems to be very special, something everyone would like to achieve in real life. In this article I will show what are the best elements of this love story.

They Start With a Friendship

It is often said a beautiful relationship starts between people who have already been friends before, and that is what happens between Kurt & Blaine. They meet in an episode in which the McKinley's guy is spying Warblers (the Dalton Academy's Glee Club) and they easily become friends, despite they belong to rival teams.

If you are gay, you probably know there are a lot of ways to meet with other guys in the real life. One of the most popular, especially for people living in small places and unable to go to gay places, consists in using LGBT chats, like Grindr and PlanetRomeo, in order to find boys near you. These chats are useful, however it is not uncommon to be contacted by old people (many 18 years old guys get messages from 30-70 years old men) or by boys in search of sex, without any interest in a relationship or, at least, in a basic friendship.

If you think about the situation of LGBT chats today, you are coming to the conclusion many people seem to have lost interest in true love, while physical appearance and sex seem to be the most important thing to them. In such a context, you rapidly start to admire Kurt & Blaine's relationship: the two guys start with a simple friendship, without trading hot photos on a chat. And questions about genital size or preferred sexual roles are simply not contemplated by these guys.

Sex is maybe the last thing to consider in love: feelings, kisses, experiences... there are so many elements that start making a relationship. Asking someone to be your boyfriend by taking a hot photo is not maybe what I think about "love"
Sex is maybe the last thing to consider in love: feelings, kisses, experiences... there are so many elements that start making a relationship. Asking someone to be your boyfriend by taking a hot photo is not maybe what I think about "love"
Kurt & Blaine (and similar cases of people who are truly in love in real life)
People who pretend to be in love only after having traded photos on a chat
They start with a friendship
They start with questions about genital size, sexual roles or other sexual things
They can experience true feelings since the first time they meet
Their feelings are probably only related to a physical attraction
They share experiences before showing their love
Maybe the only experience they share, is occasional sex, done the same day they started to chat
You can find gay people who really want a true love story in gay chats. However you should search for them, as a lot of other guys there tend to just find the coolest boy in order to have sex with him.

What do you think about love?

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They Helped Each Other

When we state Kurt & Blaine are truly in love, and their relationship has not been built as a consequence of sexual thoughts, we can also note the two Glee's characters always helped each other. For example, when Blaine puts a good effort in helping Kurt against bullies of his school. So they shared many experiences before falling in love, not hot photos.

Kurt while is talking with Burt (his father) about his boyfriend. Homophobic parents? Bad relationships between them and their sons? In Glee all of this seem not to exist.
Kurt while is talking with Burt (his father) about his boyfriend. Homophobic parents? Bad relationships between them and their sons? In Glee all of this seem not to exist. | Source

There is No "Internal Homophobia"

With the words "internal homophobia" I refer to a particular situation sometimes happens among gay people. While the common homophobia consists in heterosexual people who criticize or hurt gay ones, with "internal" I mean the situation in which some gay people tease other ones, just because they are effeminate, depilated, too much obsessed with fashion (or at the opposite, because they are "bears", too masculine and uninterested in physical appearance).

If you see Kurt & Blaine, you see two completely opposite types of LGBT people: the first is effeminate and very obsessed by fashion, while Blaine does not share these aspects (he even admits he loves football in an episode, while Kurt hates it). However their differences do not care: they are in love. In addition they give a good message to all the LGBT community: stop judging other gay categories who are different from you: it is the same thing homophobes are doing with you for your sexual preferences.

By concluding, I am not saying a relationship like Klaine is not possible in the real life. I luckily found gay people who have my same opinions and who are in search of a similar relationship. People who did not ask me about my genital size or similar things. So I think everyone can have a relationship like Glee's one: you only have to desire it, and search for the right guy. Maybe, if you find him, it is very probable you will keep him forever: the same applies also to heterosexual people.

© 2016 Alessio Ganci


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