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Kurt Cobain Is Alive

Updated on January 26, 2012

What Would He Be Doing If He Were?

Is Kurt Cobain still alive? Well, there's little doubt that a search on Google will reveal that there are a number of people who strongly believe that he is. Me ? I think it is extremely unlikely despite even the most plausible conspiracy theories surrounding his death.

So why this hub? Well, many years ago, I got into the music of the Doors and read about the decline of Jim Morrison who died of an overdose in his bathtub in Paris. Like Cobain, there seems to be quite a few questions surrounding his death and I've recently been reading a lot about Nirvana and it got me thinking what a great idea for a film it would make ... If Cobain had faked his own death and vanished .. what would he be doing now.

There's little doubt from reading the biographies that Kurt Cobain wanted little to do with the fame, certainly as the worst aspects of the media started to intrude into his private life. That said, he also courted the fame, probably more about wanting recognition than money.

With Jim Morrison, I always imagined him perhaps moving somewhere like the mountainous areas of Greece and living a reclusive life writing poetry. But what would Kurt Cobain be doing if he were still alive (presuming of course that he isn't!).

Of course, when an artist dies, they are frozen in time. I'm sure we can all think of artists who really should have stopped before they became embarrassing and Kurt Cobain may have fallen into that category but personally I don't think so. He seemed to have a great interest in experimentation, both with the music and also with his artwork. Anyone with a mind like that is almost certain to produce some brilliant stuff as well as some junk too.

There is little doubt in my mind that he would have split Nirvana anyway, maybe not immediately but I don't think it would have taken long and he had already expressed an interest in working with Mark Arm of Mudhoney and Mark Lanegan of the Screaming Trees and in fact had already recorded with Lanegan as well as with his old long time friend Dylan Carlson, murmuring the vocals on Divine and Bright. 

He had also stated that he would like to play more blues music (with a Cobain twist no doubt) and had contributed distorted guitar to a poetry ready by William Burroughs.

The Priest They Called Him - William Burroughs and Kurt Cobain

It would of course, be very difficult for someone as well known as Cobain to simply vanish, especially with his piercing blue eyes, but having said that, it is easy now to buy coloured contact lenses and a new hairstyle and a shave and obviously a different dress sense could give him a fighting chance.

It's certainly a fascinating thought and I personally like the romance of the idea of Kurt living somewhere fairly remote, perhaps in a small artistic town where he could paint, sculpt and write poetry perhaps but could he get away with doing different music? I personally think he could. There is little doubt that he was moving in a new direction, perhaps more raw and earthy with punk ideals but more experimentation ... 

So is Kurt Cobain still alive and making music? Well, if he is, no one seems to have noticed, but that is probably the way that Kurt would have wanted it.


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    • ChaplinSpeaks profile image

      Sarah Johnson 5 years ago from Charleston, South Carolina

      Very interesting. I am a fan of The Doors and Nirvana, and found both "27 Club" deaths to be very sad, very depressing. I like your idea about the "what if" movie on Cobain. Voted UP.

    • Steve Orion profile image

      Steve Orion 5 years ago from Tampa, Florida

      "It would of course, be very difficult for someone as well known as Cobain to simply vanish..."

      My thoughts before, and after, reading this Hub. Interesting notion that he is still alive? Yep. Probable? Nope. When most influential people die, there are always rumors they are still alive, and perhaps even working. Good Hub, I like the topic =)