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Malayalam movie Kurukshetra review

Updated on December 31, 2011

Major Ravi's third military film Kurukshetra which was early named as Kargil is now in theatres


Director - Major Ravi

Producer- Santhosh Damodar

Cast :Mohanlal, Biju Menon, KochiHaneef,Suraj,

Bineesh Kodiyeri.Tanya Singh and manyJawans from Indian Army.

Siddarth : Music Director

Girish Puthenchery : Lyrics Songs :MG, Najim, Arun Gopan, Roshan, Kailash Kher

Lokanadhan : Cinematographer

Sabu Ram : Art Director

Sai : Costume

Budget : Rs.8,00,00,000

The 'Major' Director

Only this man can take such film with such a reality
Only this man can take such film with such a reality

Colonel Mahadevan along with his Commandos started The Encounter. Yes the Kargil War is coming once again through the views of great director Major Ravi.The film is a sure hit as it is taken by Major,and also From Mohanlal excels in his role.Major Ravi's movie is never going tobe a flop as it has the strength of great experience and this one also is a great thriller.

Review After Watching the Film

A real patriotic film with all its essence and more over one film that will change your prejudice about a war film.Major Ravi has once again proved that he is a real hit maker in malayalam film industry.As Major Ravi said The film describes the Kargil war and its effects. All the War scenes have been taken with perfection and this is the main highlight of this film.Thedirector has included even the smallest details that can create great feel in viewer's heart. Every scene creates patriotism and a person after watching the movie will say 'Vandematharam'.

But this could have been even more good if Major has given more attention in cast selection also. Most of actors except great Lal and siddique were not up to the mark. If there were some experienced and talented actors in this film it could have been one of the best Indian military films.

The movie actually does not show quality in cast selection. Everyone made their maximum effort but were not capable to make it fruitfull. Suraj and Kochin Haneef are there for comedy.But I don't think that all that they showed were essential part of the film.And some actors really disappointed. Biju Menon's early death for no reason was a little confusing. And that girl who performed his wifes character I think was ''horrible''. Manikkuttan's love story also has nothing to do with the film.

But above all Mohanlal really suits much to the role, and he has performed so well that gives the film an entire spirit. Also veteran siddque done his part well as a patriotic muslim soldier.Major ravi will be happy with these two people.

The war field in this film will create the feeling that we are in a real war field and we also are fighting in command of Colonel Mahadevan. And about Mohan Lal's perfomance, The director has succeeded in exploiting the talent of great actor completely. He is actually living as Colonel Mahadevan and is sure to rule theatres in following days.

The climax scene is presented brilliantly.And two of songs including one hindi song are really fantastic in the sense that they matches the situation.The film alltogether is one of the best patriotic films. Everyone leaving the theatre will be saying Jai Hind.

The film actually analyse three faces of a war. The cause of war, war field and the after effect of war. It actually conveys the message to avoid a war.This is an anti-war film and not a war film. It also reveals the feeling of a fighter in war field.The battle scenes have such a perfection as it came from the real life experience of a man who fought for India that is the main speciality of this film and it is sure that the movie will conquer theatres.


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    • profile image

      LIJO REJI (AYLARA) 6 years ago

      Mohanlalinte acting sinimayude bhangi kurachu. Mohanlalinte body oru armikaranu pattiyathalla.

    • profile image

      Madhavan 9 years ago

      We all had a feeling that Major Ravi is a patriotic person.but why is he bringing anti-social elements into his films? Is it for political gains or for money? Why sopil your hard earned reputation Sir?

    • profile image

      krishnakumar 9 years ago

      major said the budget is not 10crore..he said its just above 4 crore

      the movie is really superb