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LIAR --- Interview with Actress Sonja Nelson Provost, Director and the Cast

Updated on November 5, 2013
Director Todd Braley
Director Todd Braley | Source
Darius Devontaye Green
Darius Devontaye Green | Source
   Kyle Reed Evans  plays Adelle's boyfriend - Tera Garnett
Kyle Reed Evans plays Adelle's boyfriend - Tera Garnett | Source
Tera Garnett as Adelle
Tera Garnett as Adelle | Source
Scarletand Brandon Lofton
Scarletand Brandon Lofton | Source
Kristina Andrew
Kristina Andrew | Source

LIAR, Premiering Soon in a Theater Near You!

Imagine you witness a domestic violence incident first hand and then you go to bed with the annoying thought. You wake up with the idea for the next movie you would love to write about. Well let's here from the Director Todd Braley, in his own words.

Nice to meet you Todd!

Hey Joseph thanks for the opportunity!

Just heard this short movie was based on a story that happened to you?? Can you share your side of the story...?

Yeah, I lived in West Covina California, back in 1999

Oh okay...

Had a neighbor that was not very good at choosing boyfriends

she had one that was very verbally and physically abusive!

I hear ya

I was home one day and heard them fighting

and decided I had had enough


I went and got my girlfriend's 38mm and drew on him

There you go... you made his day?

Well I told him to leave or I was going to shoot him

Wow! That was something!

He tried to move in on me until I pulled the hammer back and showed him I was serious and walked to him.

I said a few chosen words and told him to get in his car and leave

I can see it all in my mind...was he drunk?

No, he was not drunk...he was an asshole! For whatever reason about 4 months ago I woke up one morning thinking about that.

Ha-ha-ha! So you had the pitch on the tip of a 38 mm...

Yes Joseph! Yes I did! So, anyways, I woke up thinking of that and came up with the idea for LIAR.

Wonderful Todd!

Now I got the premises and the well chosen title in my mind!

I asked myself what would happen if someone walked into an abused woman's life and saved her from her situation? But then told her there was a payment due when he was ready to collect.

Then after the abuser was gone, she would get buyers remorse

Yeah, very nice Todd!

But I couldn't see it just happening to one woman, so I added two more characters

I see you are proud of your cast. Sonja said wonderful things about you.

I gave all three of them different situations and brought in the savior...or so they thought he was that. I love sonja...she is such a great person!

I know! She is so thankful!

No one ever gave me a chance when I wanted to get into this business. I swore that if I ever had the opportunity to give someone who wanted into this bisness a chance, I would never pass it up. And I haven't ever passed anyone up...!

Anything you want to add? Release dates? Is this a short movie?

Release? I am hoping for (and it looks like we are going to make it) will be the 29th of August.

That's so great!

The film is going to be about around 50 minutes.

Not too bad! Wait a minute! Any trailer in YouTube? So I can add to the interview?

No not yet, this has been a tough one to make a trailer for... normally I don't have issues coming up with that without giving the story away...

Well, thanks Todd! You did great!

Thanks Joseph! You did ask good questions!

Action! Scenes from the film LIAR
Action! Scenes from the film LIAR | Source
Sonja Nelson Provost
Sonja Nelson Provost | Source


Hi Sonja! Nice meeting you!

Hey Joseph, How are you?

What is this all about? I mean, the LIAR movie in your own words?

Todd Braley is or director and writer of Liar. Same guy from China White.

Wonderful! So you are playing one of the wives along with other two...

Yes and yes. I played Hannah.

Did you enjoy your character Hannah

Yes, I did!

DO YOU THINK real life is so unsettling and we are prone to that violence; at times writers have to tone down the plotting. We don't want to give so many ideas to real people in real life. Just give your thoughts a shot.

I'd like to think that life is not so prone to violence. It would be a better place if things like this plot in Liar didn't happen at all. But as humans we are aware that people do act like this unfortunately.

Kristina Andrew on one of the raw scenes from the movie.
Kristina Andrew on one of the raw scenes from the movie. | Source
Sonja Nelson and Tera Garnett
Sonja Nelson and Tera Garnett | Source

Gotcha! How Wonderful, being casted for the movie!

Todd E Braley asked me if I wanted to be in one of his movies

I see...who plays Etta and Adelle?

Etta is played by Kristina Andrew and Adelle is played by Tera Garnett.

Any funny moment that you remember, when shooting? That always happens... and I know.

Oh my gosh YES! This cast was so much fun. We laughed so much!

We had a scene where we had to drag one of our co-stars out of a door and his pants came off!!! I laughed so hard!!

Darius Devontaye Green did great acting, like all the others. How did Todd choose him? And I read that it was inspired from real life events

Darius was amazing!! I was able to feed off of his performance very well! I believe Todd had filmed Darius In a China White trailer also. Todd actually experienced a real life situation similar to the story line of Hannah's abuse.

Wonderful! When you were.... fill the blanks... you knew you wanted to be an actress. Go in details now, as you please.

When I was very young I wanted to be an actress! I spent a lot of time alone because I was an only child so my imagination was very large I use to practice like I was in a movie when I was home by myself I would play many different characters I enjoyed drama in high school when I was about 10 I got to go to Hollywood for the first time.

Where is the evidence?
Where is the evidence? | Source

That was so cute, Sonja ! Tell us about your family.

I've been married for 17 years and we have 3 beautiful children I love being a mother and spending time with them. I would have to say my strongest support system would be my family friends and my film family.

Tell us about the premiere. It will be down there in Louisiana? I have a friend Faith Reaper that lives close to you, I think.

Neat! If she wants to come... let us know Faith! Our first premiere will be Sept 14 at Cinemark Tinsel Town in West Monroe Louisiana. We are looking to have another premiere following that one in NOLA and then in L.A.

Keep telling us about the Cast. For instance Brandon Lofton...

The cast has become my extended family and I love each of them very much. Brandon Lofton played "Houston" which was Hannah's husband in the movie. He is also from Louisiana and he and his wife have become dear friends! We have worked on another project together.

Each one of the cast including our male roles were wonderful actors and I learned so much from each one of them. I cannot say enough how grateful I am and privileged to have been a part of this.

Wow! Todd was right! You really care about your fellow actor colleagues! I want to thank you so much Sonja for being so sincere... I loved your answers!

Thank you so much Joseph De Cross, for the opportunity to share with you and the viewers out there! We have a wonderful fan base!!! They are very loyal.

Thanks again Sonja!

 Kristina Andrew, Casey Nielson, Scarletand Brandon Lofton, Dylan McDine Cox, Sonja Nelson Provost, Jonathan Stryker, Darius Devontaye Green, Cooper Parsons, Lori Gray-Simmons, Kyle Reed Evans, Rachel Shriver, Jerry Gaddy y Charline Gaddy.
Kristina Andrew, Casey Nielson, Scarletand Brandon Lofton, Dylan McDine Cox, Sonja Nelson Provost, Jonathan Stryker, Darius Devontaye Green, Cooper Parsons, Lori Gray-Simmons, Kyle Reed Evans, Rachel Shriver, Jerry Gaddy y Charline Gaddy. | Source

A teaser from "Blood and Secrets"


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  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 4 years ago

    Thanks for reading us Faith! Todd was very honest when he talked to us. Sonja was very sweet. I guess is a Southern kind of way.

  • Faith Reaper profile image

    Faith Reaper 4 years ago from southern USA

    Hi Joseph,

    Very interesting how this film all came about. Sad reality no doubt though.

    Thanks Sonja for the invite. I appreciate that so much and for the mention, Joseph. Well, I am about 150 miles or so away from that location. Maybe two hours and 20 minutes or so. Wow, that's a lot of facebook shares there!

    I wish nothing but success for all involved here and best wishes.

    God bless, Faith Reaper