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Little Big Town Work with Pharrell on New Album 'Wanderlust'

Updated on June 19, 2016
Little Big Town and Pharrell Williams
Little Big Town and Pharrell Williams

Little Big Town announced a new single and new album all in one night!

Little Big Town debuted their latest single on The Voice last night to the surprise of many and dropped another huge bombshell while they were at it.

The powerful quartet sang the uplifting track "One Of Those Days" which strays away from their country roots to a more gospel inspired record. Their performance on the The Voice instilled the support of an actual choir as the quartet sang to the high heavens, with their uplifting harmonies and Jimi Westbrook taking a lead on the vocals.

Out of the four judges, it was Pharrell Williams who went to join them on the stage and for a good reason too. The world renowned musical genius has lent a hand in the production of the bands latest single and their forthcoming record 'Wanderlust'. Although Williams is not a country artist himself, he has a great love for the genre and holds a great appreciation for the harmonies and storytelling.

“What started out as one writing session a few months ago turned into multiple writing sessions, as well as back and forth trips from Nashville to Los Angeles,” LBT’s Karen Fairchild says. “When the songs started coming together, we realized it was too special to not share with our fans. That shared passion and appreciation took us on a creative journey we had no idea would happen.”

​The band held a great level of respect for Williams and were intent on putting something in front of him that he could respond to and enjoy. Fairchild expressed her delight at working alongside Williams and gave praise on his inspiring abilities. "He’s good at anything, and such a joy to be around. This music is fun and inspiring, and very hopeful for what’s going on in our crazy world these days. Hopefully it’ll bring a lot of smiles and dancing to people.”

The album aims to be a feel good album and based predominantly on the experiences that the group were going through during the time of creating the album. Karen Fairchild stated that it is in fact not a country record and a far stretch from anything that they have done before. "It’s fun to be spontaneous and put it out there to the fans, because we want to, and not to overthink it, but just because it has brought us a lot of joy, and we think it will for them as well."

​With such a short amount of time until the release of 'Wanderlust' the band were quick to think about the best way to promote the album: “We’re lucky to be Grand Ole Opry members, and I don’t know if we can talk him into that, but wouldn’t that be fun, to invite Pharrell to the Opry and introduce him to Nashville? He’s gonna love everybody there.”

Little Big Town - One of Those Days (The Voice)

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