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LOST Review Season 6 Ep.3

Updated on June 26, 2012
What Kate Does
What Kate Does


So in Lost Season 6, Episode 3, "What Kate Does" some more is revealed about the man in black or smoke monster possibly. I will start by talking about what happened in 2004 in what they are now calling the "flash sideways." Kate get away from the airport in a stolen taxi cab and pays a man to get her handcuffs off. Then she cleans up and finds a pregnant Claire, who she dumped on the side of the road. They go the family going to adopt her baby only to find out they are not and Claire has stomach pains and is taken to the hospital. Strangely, Ethan is there and lets Claire to decide to hold off on having the baby. Kate stays with her and they kinda develop a bond but Kate needs to keep running so she does.

In 2007 the temple others want to talk to the revived Sayid privately while Sawyer uses a stolen gun to get away. They end up torturing Sayid as some sort of "test" in which they say he passed. Jack is not happy with what they did but Korean looking leader Dogen gives Jack a pill to give Sayid because he trusts him. Jack does not do it and rashly decides to take it himself but Dogen beats him until he throws it up. Jack asks whats in it, previously not getting an answer, and Dogen says poison. They believe Sayid is infected with something and the pill will get rid of everything he once was, also it is the same thing that happened to Jacks sister, Dogen says. Sawyer goes to his old house where he and Juliet used to live, very emotional scene, Kate come after him. They meet and he ends up telling her he was going to ask Juliet to marry him, so he throws the ring in the ocean. Jin is getting a drink of water after escaping the others but they find him and he tries to run away but gets caught in a trap. They are going to kill him but they are shot and the camera zooms in and you a roughed up Claire! Boom!

This was an amazing episode with some good reveals. It seems to me like things in the flash sideways are going to work out like they did on the island just in a different setting. Like these people were chosen to have these encounters wherever they are. It is no coincidence that Ethan is a doctor at the hospital Claire went to. And Kate gets her handcuffs off so... I am starting to think that the man in black can inhabit people once they die but it is still very confusing. I believe Dogen knows a lot more than he has told so far but it was interesting to find he knows about Claire and apparently what happened to her. I wonder if that pill would kill Sayid or just get rid of the infection, I'm thinking kill. Things just keep getting sadder for Sawyer, his life is falling apart if it wasn't already with everything they have been through. I am very curious to find out what happened to Claire all this time, also Aaron her son since we did not see them in season 5. A good episode with the characters on the island seem to be acting like their old selves again, interesting stuff.


Evangeline Lilly
Evangeline Lilly


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