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LOST -- Why It Still Remains The Worse Series Finale Ever All These Years Later

Updated on July 2, 2017

With the dismal series finale of Pretty Little Liars, it brought to mind the series finale of LOST which will forever be the worst series finale in the history of television. Pretty Little Liars suffered from the same disease as LOST – creating all these mysteries and never solving them – so in the end there was no way to solve them all.

It’s a horrible but it took me years to get over my anger over this finale. I cried tears of frustration and outrage when I saw how this thing ended. Whenever some LOST lover claimed it was such a brilliant ending spittle would come shooting out of my mouth as I told them what I really thought of it. Anyway, since I’m finally at a place where I just don’t care, anymore, I thought I’d take a look back at the worst TV series finale EVER. I’m also going to just concentrate of the alt-world or as I call it, “Jack’s Heaven”. To this day I think Jack imagined this perfect afterlife for himself as he laid dying, cause it was the only way he could let go and finally croak.

Granted, Kate was such a sap for Jack I could see her waiting in alt-world for Jack, but she didn’t die before Jack. He died before her. So are we supposed to believe the plane crashed and never made it off the island? And why in alt-world was Jack married and divorced from Juliet and they had a child together? So Jack could have put his mark on her and she’d be Jack’s discarded goods when Sawyer finds her and he even made it so nothing ever happened between Kate and Sawyer. It’s a win-win on both scores for Jack. Jack even got to meet Cooper and Sawyer didn’t. He even managed to take that moment away from him. Total victory against the man he always felt inferior to as he holds Jack’s used goods ex-wife and genuflect to Jack in the Church of Jack.

If Sawyer had actually had any control over imagining his alt-life different so he could do things differently he would have had himself meet Cooper and this time not kill him and walk away. But, as I said, he never gets to meet Cooper, Jack does. So there’s no real resolution for Sawyer in the alt-world of the thing that drove him his whole life.

Then there’s Locke. He’s with Helen but he’s paralyzed until Dr. Miracle Jack says he can operate on him and cure him. If Locke was actually imagining an afterlife for himself, wouldn’t he have imagined never having been thrown out of a window and paralyzed and living a happy life with Helen? And if that actually happened, wouldn’t Locke be dead, because as we saw Locke died after falling out the window until Magic Hands Jacob touched him and resurrected him.

And what about this life Sayid imagines for Nadia and himself. She’s married to his brother and miserable but she’s alive. And the real love of his life is island fling, Shannon. And Boone who was always in love with Shannon and she was in love with him her helps her to get together with Sayid so they can all genuflect to Jack in the Church of Jack. And Locke and Boone for giving up the loves of their life get to hold hands and get the honor of genuflecting to Jack and Christian Shepherd. Yippee! Seriously, if Sayid was imagining some afterlife for himself wouldn’t he imagine one where he wasn’t a killer since he deeply regretted letting Ben turning him into his assassin and wouldn’t he want to end up with the love of his life, Nadia?

Probably the most unbelievable worshippers in the Church of Jack was Jin and Sun. Jin could have saved himself and gone home to his daughter and prevented her from being raised by Sun’s monster father and submissive mother, but instead he chooses to die to be with Sun. And they’ve got a chance to be together with their child but they once again choose someone over their child…this time Jack. Wouldn’t part of changing things for themselves would have been to be with their child, instead of abandoning their child a second time for Jack Shepherd?

Of course, there was who didn’t make it to the Church of Jack or even in the alt-world. I refer to Michael. Yes, Michael abandoned everyone to save his child, but he was racked with guilt, he came back to save everyone and even gave up his life so some could escape. Yet he gets sentenced to be an island whisper. Of course, Michael would be a reminder to Jack of all the people he left to die on the island. That would have put a big spanner in the works of Jack’s perfect world where all the crash survivors give up everything for the honor to sit in his church and worship him if Michael was there. Lost apologists claim Michael wasn’t allowed in Jack’s Heaven because he shot Libby [it’s okay he shot Ana-Lucia], but shooting Hurley’s squeeze was unforgivable, even though he came back to save everyone and even sacrificed his own life to do it. Doesn’t really hold water when you consider Sawyer murdered Anthony Cooper in cold blood and jumped out of the helicopter and sacrificed himself [but didn’t die] and he was allowed in Jack’s church and in the alt-world. And what about all the horrible things Locke did and he’s allowed in the alt world, too?

Then there were the ones who rated the alt-world but didn’t rate entrance into Jack’s church. So, Danielle’s perfect life is living with Alex but having Alex’s father and the love of her life dead. Then ending up dating the man who stole her child from her. Another person kept from the love of their life and to have someone connected with Jack foisted on them. This is sounding more like hell than any kind of heaven and Jack’s the head demon of this circus.

That’s why I say Jack imagined all this as he laid dying. In Jack Hell the only one who gets resolution and a happy life is Jack. He’s a good daddy to his imaginary son, he gets to fix Locke and make him walk, he gets to get Kate and never have her have sex with Sawyer, he gets to rob Sawyer of his lifelong goal to track down Anthony Cooper and he’s got a church full of people genuflecting to him like he’s some god.

For this alt-world to actually work as a limbo land the dead are in before they go into the light, each character would need to find resolution and to do things differently. Not ending up in a church genuflecting to Jack Shepherd like he was the most important person in their lives, which he wasn’t. It’s why it was such an ultimate fail as a series finale and it earns the title of worst series finale ever. And that doesn’t even take into account the mess they made of trying to solve the island mysteries they’d been dragging out for years.

Let’s be honest, there were some “mysteries” that was virtually impossible to solve. Like Jacob’s magic cabin that could be invisible and had some strange gray ash around it. They knew it, so they burned it down to get rid of it so they wouldn’t have to try and explain it. This is what happens when you start making up a bunch of wild stuff that pops in your head with no idea how to explain it. Yes, they knew the show would end with a close-up of Jack closing his eye on the same spot he woke-up in, but everything else they made up as they went along with no idea how to explain it. You kind of know you’re in trouble when you have to make-up two magical beings to try and explain everything away.

LOST had the potential to be a great show and it was the first few seasons. But they needed to resolve the mysteries they’d created and just continue to build on the ultimate mystery of what this island was. They also needed to not make up stuff they had no idea how to explain. They didn’t do that and they made a mess out of a show that could have been considered among one of the great TV shows. I have all the seasons on LOST on DVDs and they just collect dust. Because of the way it ended I have no desire to ever watch it, again. I also noticed the show disappeared quickly from syndication because knowing the way it ends no one wants to watch it. By not managing to pull this thing together and presenting a cohesive ending they cost themselves a lot of residuals from syndication.

The show really should have ended with the season four finale. After that the show became a complete mess. I believe if it had it would be making money in syndication. Or failing that just doing the island story and deep-sixing the ridiculous alt-world and having it end with Sawyer and Jack sitting on the beach with Sawyer as the new Jacob and Jack as the new Dark Man as they watched a plane crashing on the island and the whole thing starting over again. Having Jack magically beam up from a hole in the ground and staggering around until he flopped down on the exact spot he woke in and closing his eye was one of the lamest way to end this once great show.

Damon Lindelof and Carleton Cuse have moved on to other projects, as we’ve all move on, but I will never watch another show these two have anything to do with. Being treated to one of their magic carpet rides where they shove you off to land face-first on the ground from twenty feet high once was more than enough for me.


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    • TopHat Seagull profile image


      12 months ago

      Dear God. The finale was tripe. Although the main show wobbled all over the place, you kinda gave it a pass with the hope that it'll all come together in the end... but it didn't. The only, ONLY cool thing in that finale was Jack's flying superhero punch which I must have watched 100 times!


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