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Entertainment and Media: LP's or Long Playing Records - The Next Music Craze in Retro

Updated on October 20, 2015

Our Old Player Still Works After 25 Years


I Heard About it On Some Webpage

I heard that LP's were becoming more popular to buy and to use lately. Actually, lately, I know of several people who have stereos in their Man Cave and they have full vinyl collections of all the tunes that they love.

It's funny, but - back in the 1970s, you used to get a postcard in the mail. Those postcards arrived almost daily. Usually, it was a record company. I think the one I joined was Columbia Records and Tapes. The promotion was something like select ten, or twelve, or fifiteen music selections, for free... the gimmick. Oh, yeah, there was a catch. You had to purchase like eight more over a period of time, at full price.

It worked out. The full price wasn't horrible. There were other 'deals' to be had, and I got a lot of my records and LPs through them.

Funny Thing Is

If I look through my junk, I probably still have one of those postcards stuffed in a box somewhere. I do throw away stuff occasionally, but I wouldn't be surprised at all to find one of those postcards in a book in my personal library, being used as a bookmark.

Oh, yeah, well.. I wouldn't have saved it for any other reason. It would have been purely by accident through a functional reason.

Are People Selling Them on Ebay?

I think that's where I found out about it. Perhaps. I will do a search and find out for sure.

Yepper, They Have Them!

I heard that they were the new Hot Item on eBay, since everyone loves the sound so much better than CD's that people are actually buying records in record numbers.

The LP's would be those that have the popular songs of the ages on them. Peter Paul and Mary, Beach Boys, Eagles, Lynyrd Skynrd, etc.

They Sell Them Locally Too

Yesterday, I was at a Salvation Army store and they had a bunch of albums and LPs. They also had an old turntable for under ten dollars. I think my daughter went to buy it today. She and her husband have decided to go retro an be like their mom's and dad's and listen to the old LP's.

The Records had Different Speeds

The LP's were known as 33 1/3 rpms, the smaller records were called 45's, because they were spun a little faster or 45 rpms. Back before there were LP's, there were 78's or 78 rpm records. Those records were very thick and a lot of times they were scratchy. Most of the 78's have Big Band or Polka Music on them.

The 45's were singles by Artists and the 'back side of the 45' was usually some obscure song that they threw on there for filler. Funny thing is, I know of several songs that may have started on the back side of a 45, but I still hear them today, so they obviously caught attention from someone who cared!

Got You to Buy

How About You

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