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La Corda d'Oro

Updated on February 1, 2013

La Corda d'Oro

La Corda d'Oro
La Corda d'Oro
Kahoko Hino
Kahoko Hino
Len Tsukimori
Len Tsukimori
Ryotaro Tsuchiura
Ryotaro Tsuchiura
Kazuki Hihara
Kazuki Hihara
Azuma Yunoki
Azuma Yunoki
Keiichi Shimizu
Keiichi Shimizu
Shoko Fuyuumi
Shoko Fuyuumi


La Corda d'Oro is an amazing anime that has music revolving in and around each and every episode. The anime consists of two seasons. The first season, La Corda d'Oro: Prima Passo has 26 episodes and the second season, La Corda d'Oro: Secondo Passo has 2 episodes.

The story takes place in Seishou Academy (divided into General Education Department and Music Department) where the main character of the story, Kahoko Hino, a sixteen year old, from the General-ED encountered a fairy, Lili. Lili is a musical fairy, also known as a Fata.

This fateful encounter bestowed Kahoko with a magical violin which allows the her to play any music on the violin. And so, Seishou Academy announces the start of the musical concours.

The six participants were chosen:-

3rd year students: Kazuki Hihara (Trumpet) and Azuma Yunoki (Flute)

2nd year students: Len Tsukimori (Violin) and Kahoko Hino (Violin)

1st year students: Keiichi Shimizu (Cello) and Shoko Fuyuumi (Clarinet)

Down the line, another student was chosen into the concours. He is Ryotaro Tsuchiura (Piano), a second year student from the General-EDs. So, that makes seven altogether now.

Len Tsukimori, a good looking guy with blue hair, who specialises in the violin. Born from a rich family with musical background. Unfortunately, he is cold and does not have friends. However, as the story progresses, the concours participants slowly became his friends.The music that he plays doesn't stream feelings but only skills, until he met Kahoko. As time goes by, he realises that he is in love with her but never expresses them well. He shows her his concerns in a somewhat cold manner but that doesn't stop Kahoko from blushing. In the manga, it's revealed that he doesn't go to fast food centres and never tried the takoyaki before. After knowing that he will be studying abroad, he spent his time teaching Kahoko violin lessons and was very dedicated to it. When he returned to Japan from overseas, the one person he wanted to meet the most was Kahoko and was surprised why she did not greeted him after the quartet performance.

Again, Ave Maria was played. Kahoko ran towards the tune that she heard, all the way up, on top of the roof and embraced him. There, he confessed his feelings... In another way.

Len and Kahoko are the perfect couple in this anime. The two had a duet together and the piece is called Ave Maria by Franz Schubert. Somehow, the two were bonded together by this sweet and calming music. To be honest, I just want to see more of them together but...

Ryotaro Tsuchiura is a fellow Gen-ED student who cares a lot about Kahoko and eventually falls in love with her. Whenever she encounters difficulties, Ryotaro will try his best to help her. He came her accompanist during the first performance of the concours after Shouji, who was supposed to be Kahoko's accompanist, left her so she will be disqualified from the concours. Ryotaro vowed never to play the piano in public after an incident that happened many years ago but he did it for Kahoko. They played Chopin's Tristesse during the first round of the concours.

Ryotaro took a break from the soccer team while joining the concours. He is tall and is active in sports. He once had a girl friend before but now, he is single. Ryotaro gets along well with everyone except Len. He sees Len as a rival in the concours as well as for Kahoko.

Kazuki Hihara is a loud and cheerful one. He plays the trumpet and is always hanging around Kahoko. He fell on top of Kahoko by accident over the tug-of-war he had with Ryotaro during the stay in Shoko's family vacation home. Their first duet was Gavotte by Gossec.

Kazuki is an active sportsmen. He plays soccer, basketball and also the track and field. His first crush is Kahoko. Azuma Yunoki is his classmate and also his best friend. Whenever anything is concerned, Azuma will be the first to know. Kazuki sees all the contestants as his friends and is helpful. He's into food and is always hungry. He always dresses casually. In the manga, he became popular after appearing in an advertisement with his trumpet playing in the background. Finally, he has matched Azuma.

Azuma Yunoki is a beautiful, young man with long purple hair. He plays the flute extremely well. Azuma is smart, talented and super popular in school among the girls. The Yunoki fan club is dedicated to him. He also have three unofficial female bodyguards called the Yunoki Guards, who loves threatening Kahoko. Azuma's sweet smile makes the girls faint all the time. He is flawless in everything he does. Never a bad rumour about him. But his true colours emerged when he confronted Kahoko and showed her his true colours of being the mean Azuma that no one has ever met. It is only Kahoko that experiences his true nature when they are alone together. He would demoralise her and supports her negatively in the concours. Despite the negativity, Azuma slowly developed feelings towards Kahoko. He shares his feelings with her but her impression of him is that he is always the dark Azuma who tries to tease and fool her. I guess you can say that she never knew that Azuma really was interested in her but she just can't see that because Azuma has always been... Evil.

During the training camp, Azuma proposed a date in the garden after dinner. When they were in the garden, he dedicated a song to her and only for her, Drigo's Notturno d'Amour. Even then, she was still confused and didn't know what to believe in.

It would be nice to see what if the both of them had something going on though. Azuma's to die for, anyway.

Keiichi Shimizu's life revolves around music. He plays the cello and has an angelic face with a very slow and polite speech. He is always sleepy and dozing off any time of the day and anywhere. He resembles Lili a little with his blond, wavy hair. Keiichi is the funny guy of the anime/manga. Unlike Len's warping off personality, Keiichi odd personality is honesty. Ryotaro once mentioned that he felt like speaking to an alien. Keiichi would do anything for music. He'd attend performances and would love to participate in anything involving music.

Keiichi plays perfect pieces but he admits that his music lacks something. When Kahoko is around, Keiichi is able to play the perfect melody. He looks up to Kahoko for her straight forward music that reaches to the heart of others. The only things that Keiichi does is play the cello, sleep, eat, read books and play the cello till dawn. The clothes that he wears during the concours are made by his sister who looks exactly like him.

Shoko Fuyuumi specialises in the clarinet but also plays the piano. She is shy, timid, very soft spoken and have a low self-confidence. She admires Kahoko for her ability to stand out in crowds and the music she plays. Shoko comes from a rich family as it is revealed that her family owns a holiday mansion which the contestants used for their training.

Do watch it. It really is nice. I'm moved by both manga and anime. I just want more of this manganime. If I were to rate this anime, I'd give it a 5 star.

La Corda d'Oro Ratings

5 out of 5 stars from 2 ratings of La Corda d'Oro


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