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THE GUITAR (Would you go there to see who's playing?)

Updated on September 25, 2015

Joseph was a much focused boy, devoted to his parents, since he was an only child; also his college career, because he had managed to get a full scholarship thanks to its excellent ratings. He liked to serve others and was a fan of music, especially rock.

Every night, he dreamed of becoming a professional guitarist like Slash, Joe Perry or Kirk Hammett, but Joseph did not had the money to buy a good guitar or pay music lessons because he came from a simple family and few economic resources.

One night, returning from college, a few blocks to get to his house, he heard in the distance strange guitar sounds, he followed these sounds and found a somewhat mysterious man who seemed to hide something in a large bag. - "Hey, kid" - yelled the man; Joseph gets frightened, but intrigue and curiosity made him approach the man; he had a strange look, like those characters in fiction stories; He had dress in black and wearing a huge hat that kept his face hidden.- "What do you want?" - Asked Joseph. The man asked if he was a fan of music and if he had ever considered learning to play an instrument. Joseph, a little surprised, nodded his head and his eyes had some emotion that he did not understand why. The man said: "People call me THE GUITAR MAN. I'm passing in this town, I have to go back to my place today, but I do not want to take back this guitar anymore... Do you want it?” Joseph felt within him an inexplicable joy, for a moment he felt his dream would finally come true, but he stopped and asked: "Ok, what's the trick? How come you'll give me your guitar without knowing me?. What you will ask from me? Did you steal it? I do not know how to play the guitar." The man chuckled a bit creepy and answered: "No trick and I will not ask anything in return. The guitar is mine, but I'm tired of playing it and carry it. I want to give it to you, because while I was in this area, I heard of Joseph, the young man who wants to be a guitarist. And if you cannot play the guitar, don't worry; this guitar makes you understand the music without the need for lessons or teachers. "

Joseph trembled a little, since I had never revealed his name to the strange man and with that last comment it was awakened in him an even greater intrigue, but all that vanished from his mind when the man put the bag containing guitar in his hands, at the time, José felt his heart leaped to the neck of emotion, took the guitar and hurried to take it out of the bag.

It was a beautiful guitar, black color, with prints and drawings of flames that were similar to human faces and it brand "D.E.A.L", a brand never seen before in any musical instrument or in the field of music. Joseph turned back to say thanks to the strange man, but he had disappeared. This did not surprise Joseph, and his excitement was so great that nothing could surprise him even more. He rushed home to test his new guitar; he went straight to his room, unaware that no one was at that time. There was no weariness or fatigue from university, only the desire to play that perfect guitar. He plugged in the guitar on a small monitor that he had to amplify the music of his cell phone; he hung it like a pro guitarist and quickly gave way to the desire to play it. Indeed, he knew not how to play a guitar, not even had any idea what a guitar chord was, but strangely, as the hours passed, he began to throw tones and chords of familiar songs, followed by an adrenaline and frenzy like a person in a rock concert.

He could not explain how that happened, but it was becoming more and more accurate the way of playing the instrument. Joseph stopped playing his guitar when the clock struck midnight and almost exhausted, he proceeded to prepare for sleep, but yet, with great excitement for having "learned" in so little time to play the guitar so as excellent.

While brushing his teeth, he realized that no one in his house had noticed that the sound that came from his room was his new guitar; indeed, the family not even noticed his absence at the dinner or the soap opera time that they used to see in family.

Joseph assumed that their fathers did not want to bother him, believing that he was doing his homework while he's listening music at a moderate level, since this was a custom in José to study and he thought: "It's too late to show them my guitar, they must be sleeping." Anyway, ready to go to bed and rest, he decided to make sure that everything was in order at home. He walked into the living room and noticed that the set of furniture was in a wrong place and the books on the floor, it scared him a little, but he continued pacing in the house. He came into the kitchen and noticed an unusual disorder being that his mother was very strict about order and cleanliness of the home; Joseph scared even more and with a hurried pace, almost running, he went to his parents’ room.

Upon arrival, the door was open and beaten. With an ever increasing fear, he entered the room of his parents and his expression was one of horror and fear overwhelmed him completely. In his parents' bed they were not them, but his guitar was there.

Shaking with fear, he approached to his guitar and he saw that seemed to be written something in it, as he could, managed to control some of the fear that came over him and tried to read what was written: - "We have a Deal" - was what he read. Joseph began to mourn with fear and despair. He took the guitar and tried to break it, but when it was about to crash it into the ground heard a creepy laugh that seemed familiar… It was the laughter of the man who gave him the guitar! Joseph dropped down his guitar and ran into the living room while he continues hearing the creepy laugh of that man. Finally he reached the living room, after an eternal journey in a short distance. He stopped in the main door of the house to try to escape, but it was locked, suddenly he heard someone started playing his guitar, but were unrecognizable melodies, horrific melodies that the bravest gets Goosebumps. Quickly and almost dying scared, he came to the back door of the house, but was also locked, when he realized that the person who played guitar walked toward where he stood, at the same time he was playing the creepy chords.

Joseph thought to hide himself, but did not know where, ran into the dining room and hid in the closet where they keep cleaning utensils. The man is closer and closer where Joseph was hiding, but he closed his eyes and held his breath. Suddenly every noise calmed and Joseph could only hear his heart beatings. He waited there in about an hour, until finally dared to leave.

Shaking with fear, slowly he walked to the living room and he saw that in one of the furniture was the guitar and attached to that freaking guitar, a note: "Joseph, you accepted this guitar, so, you were accepting deliver what you love most, in exchange what more you want. I gave you my perfect guitar, but in exchange, I took away your parents with me to get my freedom. Do not look for them because you're not going to find them, they are in a place that can never be seen by any human being, at least alive. Never try to find me, because you’ll never see me while you live ... There it is. The guitar of your dreams and your nightmares. Sincerely, THE GUITAR MAN ".

After reading this note, Joseph heard in the distance what looked like the voice of their parents screaming in pain and crying out his name heartbreakingly and he saw two new faces in the guitar flames, those faces seems like his parents faces.

It is said that from that day no one returned to know more about Joseph or his parents; the neighbors told authorities that the house where Joseph lived with his parents was abandoned and nobody knew what happened to them. The only clue they found, were a bloody footprints, these footprints ended at the foot of a family photograph placed in the living room of the House.

Some claim that Joseph wanders the streets with his guitar playing those creepy chords that he heard that night and looking for the man who gave him the guitar. Also it say that when you go at night in a dark and lonely street and suddenly in the distance you hear creepy chords from a mysterious guitar, but do not see anyone, is Joseph, who is playing to attract your attention and so he can gives you guitar to set free his soul from that big suffering.

Maybe you've heard the sound of certain mysterious guitar far away when you go through a dark and lonely street at a certain time of night, without attract your attention enough to get close, but maybe today when you walk through that same street at night, you can hear the guitar sound well enough to get your attention.



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