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Labyrinth, The Crazy Characters of Jim Hensons Mind

Updated on July 13, 2010

The Labyrinth Goblins

 The Goblins are seen throughout the entire movie of Labyrinth, they are the first creatures we see however when they are about to steal the baby away and take him to the Goblin King (David Bowie) . Each creature has a completely different personality which is what makes them so great and memorable!


This is Sarahs closest companion throughout the film. However Hoggle is working against Sarah in the beginning though. He is working for the Goblin King to lead her away from the castle, but after Sarah calls him her Friend Hoggle changes his ways because as he says "Ive never been no ones friend before"

Fire Gang

After Having to make a choice between doors choosing the wrong one Sarah finds herself alone and in the middle of a very creepy forest only to soon be accompanied by a group of bright a fury red feathered creatures who strangely enough find great fascination with taking off their body parts.Lucky for Sarah Hoggle come to the rescue before they try to "Take of your head"


Sarah first meets Ludo while the Goblin Kings minions have him tied up and torture him. With Sarahs help and the help of Ludos very special ability of being able to call upon rocks, she is able to rescue him by knocking a few goblins out with some heavy rocks. In the end Ludo pays her back by coming to her rescue when she needs him the most! Ludo is large and lovable sweet monster.Cant help but love him.

Sr. Didymus

Sr.Didymus live in the Bog of Eternal Stench which the stinkiest place on the planet. Although since he has lived her his whole life Sr. Didymus thinks the air smells sweet and fresh. He ends up accompanying Sarah t the the castle while upon his trusty steed Ambrosius. Sr. Didymus is witty, clever, and full of spunk! He is a great friend to have around when you need someone to have your back!

The Worm

This little worm helps Sarah find her way past the first part of the Labyrinth. Although this little guy is most known for its super cute way of saying Hello, which is Ello, but even if its not the way you say it properly as the worm says "Naw I said Ello, but that's close enough"

The Guards

When Sarah has to choose a door she has to take the advice of the guards, however the problem is one of the guards always tells the truth and the other one always lies. The thing is you don't know which one is which. So basically they are both telling her which door is the right one but you don't know who is lying and who telling the truth! SO Complicated!

Helping Hands

After the guards Sarah chooses a door but of course she picks out the wrong one. So as soon as she walks through the door she falls down a hole, This is not an empty hole however its filled with hands, and these millions of hands grab her and talk to her by creating faces with their hands. It's a very cool scene and how they create all the faces with just hands is very ingenious.


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