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Lady Gaga Accessories

Updated on June 25, 2011

Lady Gaga has established a unique style that can only be described as her own. The singer's signature accessories are ideal for anyone interested in emulating the popular singer's style. It wasn't until recently that such accessories have become available. Consider purchasing them today and working them into your own personal style.

The following is a complete list of Lady Gaga accessories

Popular Lady Gaga accessories include:


Lady Gaga Makeup

The makeup part of emulating Lady Gaga's style is key. Gaga spends hours on her makeup before attending a concert or event. She is sure to put her own personal flair on each step of the makeup process. Now you can wear her own personal makeup styles.

Lady Gaga Wig

The public has seen many stunning wigs for Lady Gaga. These wigs offer a unique look that lady Gaga herself popularized. They come in a variety of sizes and colors.Consider picking up one of her signature wigs.

Lady Gaga Sunglasses

Perhaps one of the most popular Lady Gaga accessories, the pop stars sunglasses dawned a truly unique style of sunglasses. They come in a variety of styles and most were designed by Gaga. Throw on a pair of these sunglasses and you might be mistaken for the star singer herself.

Lady Gaga High Heels

With everything else going on, Lady Gaga has managed not to ignore one of the most important pieces of her warbdrobe, her shoes. Gaga's high heels have never failed to impress. Such heels are sure to catch a few eyes.

Lady Gaga Hair Bow

The Lady Gaga hair bow is another staple of the pop stars style. She can often be seen sporting these unique designs almost daily. These custom designed headbands are unique in the most fashionable way. Consider these headbands as a subtle yet sheik fashion accessory.

Lady Gaga Bubble Dress

The Lady Gaga bubble dress is unique beyond words. During her tour she regularly wore the suit while singing tunes. Now a replica version of the suit can be yours. It comes in a variety of sizes to suite people of all shapes and sizes.

Lady Gaga Costumes

Lady Gaga costumes are ideal for anyone attending a Halloween party of event. Such costumes are thorough and will make you look exactly like the pop star diva.

Lady Gaga Gloves

The pop stars glove exude attitude and compliment her particular style. The gloves would be a great addition to anyone interested in the pop stars style.

Lady Gaga Microphone

Well you gotta sing into something. Lady Gaga takes that to heard as her microphones are heavily bedazzled and customized. Now you can have a unique might inspired by Gaga.


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    • Matt in Jax profile image

      Matt in Jax 6 years ago from Jacksonville, FL

      She's going a little bit overboard, but may as well take advantage while she's popular. Perhaps add photos of each to see?