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Lady Gaga Tours Sonoma County, California Incognito

Updated on February 28, 2012
Gaga goofing off with fans
Gaga goofing off with fans
Gaga and boyfriend, Kinney
Gaga and boyfriend, Kinney

There are a lot of famous people living in Sonoma County, California, about 70 miles north of San Francisco, along Hwy 101. Sonoma County is a major player in winemaking and has the hundreds of vineyards to prove it. It is next to another famous county, Napa. Celebs have their getaway homes or vacation homes hidden among the oak studded hills in nooks and valleys you cannot see from the 101. The county offers many multi-million dollar homes for sale that are not usually seen because unlike those in Hollywood, these are scattered and have considerable acreage around them.

Lay Gaga hunted Sonoma County with her boyfriend and two bodyguards driving in a white, Audi A8. Of course, those few who encountered her at Sonoma's Best Deli and The Girl & the Fig eateries in the town of Sonoma, or at Catelli's Restaurant on Hwy 101 in the dinky town of Geyersville, or at Nick's Cove on Tomales Bay, got free photo ops which went viral on Facebook and other social media sites. No paparazzi at all on this getaway tour.

However, Lady Gaga and boyfriend, Taylor Kinney, made the special trip for two reasons, one, to shop around for a getaway home between tours (her next one begins in Korea this April) and to taste Catelli's famous lasagna dish. There is more of a personal connection as well, in that, the restuarant owner, Domenica Catelli, was the consultant for a new restaurant that Lady Gaga's parents opened up in Manhattan. It was there she and Gaga met and befriended one another over Italian food.

Gaga's visit to Sonoma County was unannounced even to Catelli. Upon her arrival, Gaga, was not spotted by all. For those fans who did, the only signature give away it was her was her SIX inch heals and her Hollywood look. She met the staff in the kitchen and was friendly to all. Well, how else would a singer who earned $60 million act?

Their visit to the county was much more public in the town of Sonoma, already a tourist destination for its vineyards and laid-back atmosphere. In Sonoma, most of the touristy things are around the town square, so when Gaga (who was staying at a home up in the hills) came to eat at a deli and restaurant, cameras came out. Gaga (Joanne Germanotta) had some pasta with four meatballs. Then, later, went and sat at the bar in the The Girl & The Fig for about one hour, just talking and drinking and eating. Gaga left a the bartender there a huge, generous tip.

However, Gaga did not hook up with another Sonoma TV star, Ben Flajnik, of The Bachelor, he must been prepping for the new season.


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