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Lady Gaga and the Digital Niche Busting 1001 Wardrobe Changes Success

Updated on January 29, 2010

 Lady Gaga. What does one say about her and her music? If you are too young to recall David Bowie's debut in rock in the late 60s and his dominance in the 70s with Ziggy Stardust, then just know this: Lady Gaga is the female version for this time. In fact, Gaga,  cites Bowie as a main influence while growing up. Once Bowie reached his climax in fame, he dropped the while costumes and acts that took him there.

Stefani Germanotta is Lady Gaga, attended the Sacred Heart School and went to NY University majoring in Music until she dropped out to chase a music career. She frequented many small clubs singing songs far different than now and with no costume, just her and the piano. She was signed by one label called Def Jam, then was dropped until teaming up with a Moroccan, Redone, who is the primary producer. In the past two years her shows and costumes have set standards to those who missed Bowie's. Her debut LP (CD) spawned four No.1 singles and topped the digital sales in downloads with 15 million and at age 23 yrs., that ain't bad.

Stef is really a female. Not a male turned female who has not completed the transformation,as many have alluded to. She plays upon this publicity many times in concerts in a teasing way with sexual innuendos and objects or comments. She, like Bowie, is a showman or person that creates her songs and can sing and adds a great costume drama to any concert. She'll play the sex object, the nasty bitch because it is part of her show.

Gaga relies mostly on downloads from Apple's iTunes and free streaming on YouTube. She uses Facebook also for streaming songs and has had 321 million plays. Her songs are simple so those who cannot speak English, can sing them. All have a throbbing, pulsating beat and melody.

Lady Gaga stands to win some Grammy's in the 2010 awards as the top selling digital artist. Ironically, The Beatles (yes, you heard me right) will get the top selling vinyl LP with Abbey Road, released in 1969, some 350,000 sold @ $6 each.


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    • Entourage_007 profile image

      Stuart 7 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA

      This article is dead on - Great HUB!!!!!! You explained so many aspects of Lady Gaga that I failed to understand due to being to young.... Although her music is very catchy whether people realize it or not... Her beats and melodies are bound to rip the charts.