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Netflix's Last Chance U Season 1 Recap

Updated on August 4, 2019
Kimberly Martis profile image

Kimberly Martis is a Dutch Caribbean freelance writer. She writes about culture, beauty, tv-shows, music, movies, odd jobs and fiction.

You might have heard of Netflix's Last Chance U. At the moment there are 4 seasons available on the streaming service. As the latest season came out in July 2019. If you want to watch the new season but don't have the time to watch the previous seasons or simply don't remember all that happened this article is here to give you a recap of what happened to the main characters of season 1.

Dacorius "DJ" Law

Dacorius "DJ" Law
Dacorius "DJ" Law | Source

DJ Law #1 Running Back


DJ Law did everything but his schoolwork and it showed. During one of the scenes DJ and his classmates are waiting for their teacher. As time goes by DJ tells the cameraman that he would’ve left if the cameras weren't there. The cameraman tells DJ that he can do whatever he wants and DJ immediately leaves. In another scene, the counselor (Brittany Wagner) puts some guys to work as they have failed to turn in their assignments. DJ is one of these guys. And there are more scenes that showcase DJ’s lack of commitment to his schoolwork. At the end of the show when all the other players graduated DJ didn't and he had to stay in school to graduate later on.


DJ gets injured during one of the games. The injury is so severe that coach Buddy Stephens decides to not put DJ back in. DJ is not happy about this as he really wants to play. Later on, he gets a knee brace to keep his knee straight. After a while, he gets attached to the knee brace and is scared to take it off and play without it. Fortunately, though he does well in the first game that he plays after the injury.


DJ tells us about his son and how he misses him. He often thinks of quitting football to go back home and raise his son. Yet his son is also his motivation to play the game as he wants to be able to give his son more than he had growing up. Later in the show, his father and some other family members come to see him play. It's his father's first game as he was in and out of jail a lot and missed all of DJ’s games. Even though he never saw DJ play before he supported him all the way through by giving him great advice. DJ recalls the time that he was on a crossroads and had to make the choice of doing the right thing (which is playing football) or doing the wrong thing and his father gave him advice and encouraged him to choose football.


DJ accepted an offer from UAB. They offered him this under the condition that he graduated in the summer.

Fun fact: DJ Law has a go fund me page to raise money to go back to school.

Ronald Ollie

Ronald Ollie
Ronald Ollie | Source

Ronald Ollie #90 Defensive Lineman


In the past, Ronald Ollie never really took school seriously. He used to skip class or distract his classmates by being the class clown. On the show, it's clear that Ollie is still the class clown but now he does take his schoolwork seriously. And it shows. He gets good grades and graduates on time.


During the show, Ollie suffers from a concussion. Because of this, he misses three games. The head coach Buddy Stephens is not convinced that Ollie is suffering from a concussion until he gets confirmation from a third party.


Ollie's aunts and sister give some insight into his childhood. They tell the story about how Ollie's father took his mother's life and later took his own life. His sister explains that Ollie was too young to understand that their mother had passed and that he thought she was coming home with them after they saw her body in the hospital. His aunts also weigh in on the tragic event and tell us that Ollie often doesn't feel loved because of it.


Ollie really had his heart set on going to Auburn. Unfortunately for him they only had eyes for John Franklin lll. He does get other offers though and a coach comes to one of the games just to see him. Ollie refuses to talk to him though. Why is not really shown but Brittany Wagner and Marcel Andy (one of Ollie’s best friends) think it is because he only wants to go to Auburn. Eventually, he does take an offer from Nicholls State and plays there with Marcel Andy.

Fun fact: Ronald Ollie signed with the Oakland Raiders.

Wyatt Roberts

Wyatt Roberts and Buddy Stephens.
Wyatt Roberts and Buddy Stephens. | Source

Wyatt Roberts #4 Quarterback


Wyatt Roberts is a good student. He does miss a week of school but the show doesn't specify why he missed a week. Even though he’s a good student he is ready to leave school. In a scene, he shows Brittany Wagner a countdown app that he has on his phone. The app counts down the days until school is over. He also asks to drop a class but Brittany tells him that this isn’t possible.


Wyatt's father gives some background information about how Wyatt went into this season. He expected to be joined by a freshman and that he would be the starting quarterback. When EMCC decided to bring John Franklin lll in his father was ready for Wyatt to transfer. But Wyatt decided that he wanted to stay and fight for his spot.


Wyatt gets injured during the last game. Fortunately, the injury isn’t severe. But to avoid it getting worse the coach decides to pull him from the game.


Wyatt was very realistic about his future from the start. He wanted to play football after EMCC but he knew that this wouldn’t possible for everybody. He mentioned that he wasn’t going to beg schools to play for them. And that if he couldn't play football, he would be a regular student and get a job. He eventually became a student a Mississippi State.

Fun fact: Wyatt Roberts is now a married man.

Buddy Stephens

Buddy Stephens gets introduced as one of the best coaches ever in JUCO history. Throughout the season we get to know him and he doesn’t do much more than yell, scream, mock and curse at his players. His methods may not be popular with everybody but it works. When the show was filming season 1, they were on a 25-game winning streak. This means that Buddy must be doing something right as a coach. During the last game of the season where a big blowout fight occurs, he shows his true colors by calling his payers thugs and rednecks.

When Ronald Ollie gets a concussion Buddy doesn’t believe that he is injured. The team doctor tells Buddy that it's difficult to tell if Ollie really is suffering from a concussion but he doesn’t rule it out. This is enough for Buddy to call Ollie a liar and make fun of him. There is a scene where a coach from another team visits one if EMCC’s training and asks about Ollie. Instead of telling the coach that Ollie might be suffering from a concussing he makes fun of Ollie and his situation. He even claims that Ollie isn’t suffering from a concussing. Eventually, he gets a message saying that Ollie actually is suffering from a concussing. When he gets the message, he doesn’t take back his words nor does he apologize to Ollie.

Fun fact: Buddy Stephens has 3 daughters.

John Franklin lll

John Franklin III
John Franklin III | Source

John Franklin lll #5 Quarterback


We don’t get to see much of John’s schoolwork. What we do see of him in school is him flirting with a girl. Later we find out that he is all about the ladies as coach Buddy Stephens tells that John got caught with a girl in his room. After that Brittany has a conversation with John about his womanizing ways. She is disappointed in him for sleeping with a girl 4 days after he met her. Even though John had fun with girls he did great in school and graduated on time.


Fortunately, John doesn’t get injured during the season. His teammate Wyatt does and John benefits from this. Not only does he take Wyatt's spot on the field but he also scores 6 touchdowns during that game.


John Franklin tells us that in his family there were a lot of discussions about him staying or leaving Florida State University. He decided to leave though as he wants to make his own decisions and is willing to deal with the consequences of them. His family may not all agreed on him transferring to EMCC but they are still very supportive of John. They watch all his games. Be it on TV or at the stadium. He also calls his mom at least three times a day as they are very close.


John came from FSU but didn't plan on returning. He knew exactly where he wanted to go and that was Auburn. He worked very hard on and off the field and his hard work paid off. The coach of Auburn saw him score 6 touchdowns during his visit to one of EMCC’s games and made John an offer. Which he gladly accepted.

Fun fact: John Franklin lll signed with the Chicago Bears.

Brittany Wagner

Brittany Wagner
Brittany Wagner | Source

Brittany Wagner is the counselor at EMCC. She is loved by all the players and they often look her up in her office to chill. One of the players that she has a very special bond with is Ronald Ollie. There is even a scene where Ollie says that he never thought that they would get along. But here they are. The best of friends. Throughout the season there are great heartwarming scenes that show their special bond.

Supporting the football players is part of her job but also giving them though love. And she does. One of the players who experienced this though love first hand is DJ Law. When DJ isn't doing what he is supposed to do Brittany calls him out on it. DJ doesn’t like this and walks away from Brittany. (Un)fortunately for DJ, Brittany is not a pushover nor does give up easily. So, she drags DJ into her office and gives him some tough love.

There are various scenes throughout the season that show Brittany helping the guys prepare for tests. One of them is when she finds out that the boys have a pop quiz in 30 minutes. She quickly gives them a summary and a few pointers that they need to keep in mind during the pop quiz.

Brittany also lets us in on her personal life. She isn’t really happy about her personal life as she really doesn’t have one. Her focus is on her daughter though as she finds it important to provide a stable life for her.

Fun fact: Brittany Wagner started her own company called 10 Thousand Pencils.

Isaiah Wright

Isaiah Wright
Isaiah Wright | Source

Isaiah Wright #17 Backup Running Back

We get introduced to Isaiah Wright when he puts himself into the game. He is Stags back up but he really wanted to play so he asks Stagg to let him play. He does this without asking the coach. But it all works out as he scores a touchdown. After this, we see Isaiah on and off but the show doesn’t go into his personal life too much. They do go into his personal life in season 2 as he is also a key player in that season.


Isaiah doesn’t get injured this season. But when DJ Law does Isiah get’s his time to shine as he replaces DJ in a few games. And he does this with great success.


Isaiah gets a lot of offers during the first season. He still needs to finish a year at East Mississippi Community College so he stays in touch with the schools that made him an offer. Two of the schools that made him an early offer are Florida State and Auburn.

Fun fact: Isaiah Wright stepped into his older brother Camion Patrick's footsteps when he joined EMCC.

Who was your favorite during Last Chance U season 1?

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    • Kimberly Martis profile imageAUTHOR

      Kimberly Martis 

      9 months ago

      Hi Brandy! I love Last Chance U. The first season has been on repeat in my house. I can understand why Brittany is your favorite. My favorite is DJ Law as I was rooting for him throughout the season. Too bad things didn't end well in his case. Did you also watch the other seasons?

    • BrandyMcNelson profile image

      Brandy McGhee Nelson 

      10 months ago from Arkansas

      Great hub! Last Chance U is a great show and I'm glad someone else likes it as much as I do. Brittany is my favorite because she never gives up on the students she works with. Look forward to more hubs from you in the future!


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