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The Last Man on Earth Season Finale Review

Updated on May 4, 2015

Tandy/Phil's Breakdown

Times are Rough

Since the arrival of new Phil, Tandy/Phil has had a rough time. He even had to change his name to accommodate the arrival. Todd and Tandy/Phil decide that they have had enough. Everything is going to plan until Tandy reveals his plot to get rid of Phil. Todd realizes that he planned the same thing for him a while ago and reveals the plan to everyone.

Tandy/Phil is having a hard time coping with the fact that Carol slept with Phil. I am also having a hard time understanding her at this point, since she was so set on getting married before having sex with him. He confronts her as we see in the clip below.

After his conversation with Carol, Tandy/Phil takes a hard blow. He goes to the bar to talk to his "friends" and realizes just how much she actually means to him. He wants her back, so he picks her some flowers, and gets her a large sack of jewelry. Carol does not seem impressed, so he reveals that he wrote a song for here.

Phil comes to the door, so Tandy does not express his feelings in song, but later when Carol asks Phil not to call her "carebear" it is clear she feels the same way.

Leave Tuscon

Later in the episode, Phil is revealing the solar panels that he created by sending enough power to light a lamp. Tandy/Phil knocks the lamp over and breaks it, which resulted in Phil ordering him to leave Tuscon. Tandy's response is to lock himself in a room alone for as long as possible.

Tandy has no food and no water. He is sustaining himself mostly on toilet paper and toothpaste. There are bottles everywhere and he looks ragged, which makes me think of the original Phil that we met in the beginning of the season.

After three days Carol begins to worry about his well being. She tells him that they made a truce and decided that he can stay.He slowly makes his way out to the fire where the whole gang is singing, everyone but Phil.

Suddenly, Tandy is rushed and forced to the ground. Phil ties him up and takes him into the desert. Phil leaves Tandy with two days worth of supplies, but since Tandy has been locked away for a few days he finishes them in no time. When he realizes his mistake, he falls to the ground.

His good friend Gary the volleyball nudges Tandy's head, and as he looks up he sees Carol. She brought more supplies to make sure he survived, and right before she leaves she turns to ask him if he really wrote her a song. He says yes and sings the heartfelt song to her. The raw emotions he feels for Carol are really felt in the final lines “Screw the moon, what good’s the moon when Care Bear’s not here with me.” Carol melts, and asks Tandy where they are going.

Starting Fresh

Carol and Tandy, who is now Phil again, get in her little yellow car and venture out on a new beginning. He says she is making a mistake, but she assures him by saying “I don’t want to be with a man who leaves someone in the desert to die. I want to be with the man who didn’t have the heart to go through with it.” Seriously, who does. The new Phil is a crude man who has no heart. Our Phil is an actual "good guy".

They re-introduce themselves, and Phil reveals that he had a brother. If you recall the pilot episode, we saw a picture of his brother briefly. Phil believes that his brother is dead, but as the camera zooms out, we are inside a space station with his brother who is alive and well for now.

Phil's Brother Lives

Carol and Phil starting out on their own again is basically a soft reset for the series. It can go back and continue with those left in Tuscon, or it can move forward with Carol and Phil as they begin life anew. The ending this season left a lot of questions to be answered next season. Where will Phil and Carol settle? Will Phil's brother live, and if so, what brings the brothers back together?

Which Phil is the better match for Carol?

See results

I was pleased with the way the season ended. Phil got his name back and the girl he truly wanted to be with. The two of them going off to a new city is bringing it back to the way it use to be, and they can have their sense of Adam and Eve in paradise again. What did you think of the finale and the rest of season one?


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Great series, can't wait for season 2.


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