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Last Resort -- A Matter Of The Truth

Updated on December 1, 2012

Island Tensions Rise

Before I get to the episode, I kept asking all through this episode, "What about the COB?" Last we saw him, that vile piece of vermin, Julian, had burned his feet and shot him up with drugs. Not only was there no sign of the COB, no one even seemed to get the man was missing. It drove me nuts.

The United States is sending a ship to the island with relatives of the crew of The Colorado so they can visit their family. It's part of the way to make the United States look good and Marcus look bad if he refuses to allow the boat to come to the island. As part of Curry's latest plan to undermine the bond of loyalty between Sam and Marcus, he wants to send Christine to see Sam. Unfortunately, Paul wants Christine all for himself, so he lies to Curry that Christine doesn't want to go to see Sam and he lies to Christina that the government won't let her go. Luckily, now Christine and Kylie have Paul bugged the find out he's lying. Kylie suggests that Christine play up to Paul to get her to the island, so Christine pretends she's going to the island to end things with Sam because she wants Paul.

Meanwhile, on the island tensions are rising from the islanders. Tani's father is the lead negotiator that sits down with Marcus to air his complaints. He also tells Tani she needs to make a choice between the newcomers and her people. To try and spread some bon homie to the islanders Marcus throws a get together where his crew and the islanders can get to know each other. Only things go radically wrong when an island woman named Arida accuses Marcus' man Anders of attacking her.

The islanders want to handle it their own way by caning him and then branding him. Anders swears he's innocent and Marcus insists a fair trial be conducted. Drug czar Julian represents the victim and Marcus asks Grace to defend Anders.

This isn't something Grace is comfortable with as she recalls how a fellow officer did the same thing to her and she reported it and was told to keep her mouth shut. Grace investigates both Arida and Anders and she goes to Marcus. She tells Marcus what happened to her and she's been there and know Arida is telling the truth. Anders did what she accused him of.

Unfortunately, the jury declares Anders is innocent and the islanders riot. Sophie tells Marcus that it was the islanders that declared Anders innocent and Marcus realizes Julian set the whole thing up so the islanders would riot when Anders was found innocent. Come on, Marcus, isn't it long past time you killed this vile piece of vermin?

Marcus doesn't let the verdict stand. He tells Anders he knows what he did and he's relieved of command. He gives Anders the choice of being placed in the brig or taking his chances with the islanders. Anders opts to run through the jungle.

Meanwhile, Sam gets Booth to help him find the sleeper's transmitting station. When they do, Sam asks to be told the identity of the sleeper to prove Booth can be trusted. The answer is encoded and Booth must have been ordered to kill Sam, as he goes on the attack. Sam manages to kill him instead and burns his body.

In other news, Tani seems to come to a decision on whose side she's on: the islanders or the newcomers. And Grace wants to forget all about her night on the beach with King.

It wasn't the greatest episode, but it was a whole lot better than Nashville. Unfortunately, Nashville is the show ABC intends to stick with, probably because they can hawk music from the show. Yeah, I'm still bitter about the cancellation.

And before this recap signs off, I'll ask the million dollar question, "WHAT ABOUT THE COB?"


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