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Last Resort -- Captain

Updated on September 26, 2012

Early Review of Episode 1

I watched the episode ahead of time on Hulu, so you may want to wait to read this until after you watch it Thursday night on ABC. If you didn't plan to watch it, I have to say you're missing a really good show.

I'm not really a fan of war movies and such, but I really enjoyed it. It's a really good show. Unfortunately, it's stuck in a bad time slot. Thursday at 8 hasn't been kind to shows like Charlie's Angels and Missing. So hopefully this show will be good enough to overcome that major obstacle.

Navy Seals are racing in a raft trying to communicate with The Colorado with a wounded man on board The Colorado is a nuclear sub. It surfaces and takes them on board. Captain of The Colorado is Marcus Chaplin and his second in command is Sam Kendal. Also on board is Admiral Shepard's daughter Grace. She's not the only female on board and Kendal meets with two others to make sure they aren't having any problems from the men. They say no, but Grace does when she hears two fellow male officers making fun of her. Prosser offers to punish the men for one week of latrine duty, but she insists on two and also demands he address her properly, instead of calling her by her first name.

Meanwhile, Marcus tells Kendal he's done his time on the sub and has recommended him for a desk job. It's up to Kendal whether he takes it or not. That decision, however, will have to be put on hold, when orders come in to fire on Pakistan. Kendal, however, questions the orders because they came through a secondary channel that was only supposed to be used if the Washington network had been damaged in some way. Against Prosser's wishes, Marcus has the sub surface to look at what's going on on TV and finds out nothing is amiss.

He then contacts Washington and wants the orders sent over the correct channel. Instead, he's removed of his command and Kendal is told to replace him as captain and fire on Pakistan. When Kendal makes the same demand that the orders be sent over the correct channel the sub is fired on and begins taking on water.

Kendal rushes down to close one of the shafts to stop water from being taken on and then goes to Marcus wanting him to do something. Marcus, however, says Kendal is captain now. Grace tells Kendal the men are worried, so he gives an announcement over the PA system to try and reassure everyone. That's when he learns it was The Illinois that fired on them. They were basically the victim of friendly fire. Prosser tries to make excuses for why that happened and suggests they surface. Kendal reasons they were just questioning orders, which was hardly cause to try and kill the 150 people on board. At the point Marcus comes out of his quarters and takes back the captain role, much to the chagrin of one of his men, who adamantly objects.

Marcus decides they should make land on a tropical island he believes can be a safe haven for them. It happens to be where a NATO station is located. The island also happens to be controlled by Julian, the local crime lord.

Julian seems to have a tendre for Sophie who works in the NATO station and delivers her a jar of something she's been craving for awhile. He's none too pleased when the sub makes land and even moreso when he gets in a pissing contest with King, one of the Navy Seals that the sub took on. King basically tells Julian his days of rule are over now that Marcus and his crew are making this island their home.

Meanwhile, Marcus and his crew commandeer the NATO station and Marcus declares the station and the sub belong to him now. He lets some of his crew contact home. Grace talks to her father, Admiral Arthur Shepard and tells him when the truth comes out she hopes he's proud of them. Earlier, Kylie Sinclair, who had a prototype on the sub told him that the United States, not Pakistan, fired on The Colorado. She had received a message via her prototype that alerted her to the fact Marcus had been relieved of his command before The Colorado had been fired on.

Men rush in and hang up the phone in the Admiral's office when he's talking to Marcus informing him that the United States government is claiming that Pakistan fired on their sub and they used it as an excuse to make the missile attack on Pakistan that Marcus refused to do.

There's also men at Kendal's house when Sam calls his wife Christine. While the men make Christine hang up the phone at the island NATO station the power suddenly goes off. Seems Prosser and members of the crew who aren't Team Marcus have shut the power down and contacted the United States to tell them where they are. One of the men threatens to kill Kendal when he tries to stop them. Lucky for Sam, Grace arrives on the scene and shoots the man holding Kendal at gunpoint.

Marcus has his men re-board the sub knowing an attack on them and the island is imminent. Marcus doesn't intend to let their government murder everyone on the island so he decides to turn the tables on them and tells them to back-off or he'll fire his own missiles on Washington. When they don't, he fires the missiles. Turns out the missiles Marcus fired exploded miles away in the ocean where they wouldn't hurt anyone. But his bluff worked and the attack on the island was stopped.

Marcus takes a further step to protect them by sending out a message of what really happened and warning that he has more missiles and anyone who tries to come after them will be fired on. What Marcus doesn't know is he has bigger problems right in his own backyard. Julian has beaten up and kidnapped two of Marcus' people. It seems the local crime lord isn't going to give up his power over the island without a fight.

Meanwhile, much to Prossers shock, as he blasts Grace for being a stupid little bitch, she has him taken into custody for his failed attempt of mutiny against the captain. Nothing has convinced Prosser his own people tried to murder him. Will anything ever convince him otherwise that if he embraces his government his reward will be a bullet in the head because he now knows too much?

As Prosser is being taken away, one of the Navy Seals pulls the curtain on a man who tells Grace that they killed the wrong people. Meanwhile, King breaks down crying as he watches the news report of the bombing on Pakistan saying he caused that.

Before this whole mess began, Marcus had been watching on TV that the president was facing the threat of being impeached. That may be the reason this happened. When George W. Bush took office after the whole voting fiasco in Florida and the court refusing to do a recount of all the votes to see who really won the election, it was the attacks on 911 that stopped all the talk that Bush had stole the election and the president the American public elected wasn't really sitting in the Oval Office. So, with the United States at war with Pakistan, all talks of impeaching the sitting president would be shelved in the nation's time of crisis. It would be the perfect way to stop yourself from being impeached, but it would also be an incredibly evil thing to do.

At the end, while Kendal's wife was taken into custody, Admiral Shepard came to visit Kylie. The question is did he make a deal with the men who came to his office and made him end his call with Marcus? Did they promise his daughter would be safe if he helped contain anyone who knows the truth that the United States lied that Pakistan fired on their sub to give them an excuse to fire on Pakistan and start a war with them?

And just how do these Navy Seals figure into this mess. King claims he's to blame for Pakistan being bombed on. Exactly what does he mean by that? Just what did he and his fellow Navy Seals do?

I think this may be a show you have to watch twice to get all the nuances of it. I had to watch it twice because I had some questions after watching it the first time. It was a really great first episode. They've created a great mystery of just how far does this conspiracy go in our government and just who can you trust? Sorry Scandal, but this is how you do a presidential scandal.


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