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Last Resort -- Deal With The Devil

Updated on October 11, 2012

Episode 3

When another of Marcus’ men refuses to follow orders, [possibly due to the COB whispering in his ears] Marcus makes a risky move. He brokers a deal with the COB. If the COB won’t try to undermine his authority he’ll release him from his island prison and let him resume his duties on The Colorado. He even says The COB can take him back to be court martialed. Kendal, however, doesn’t trust him and intends to keep an eye on him. Considering one of the COB’s people was threatening to kill him, I can see why he wouldn’t trust him. The COB spends a few minutes harassing Grace by refusing to let her pass.

King comes to Grace with one of their missing people’s watch. This tips Marcus off to Julian who still thinks he’s a big fish in the island bond, even though the pond now has a nuclear sub sitting in it. As Marcus’ man, Redmond, joins Cortez and Brandon as hostages, Julian has a temper tantrum because Marcus hasn’t come to him, yet. Cortez has sex with him to keep the three of them safe.

Sophie agrees to take Marcus to meet with Julian. Afterwards, she plans to get off the island. Marcus has to broker a deal where he retrieves Julian’s drugs from a ship in exchange for the release of his people. Julian gives him a time limit on how long he has to bring the drugs back to him.

Meanwhile Tani takes King to meet her father and brother. She tells King that when her mother got sick her father convinced her to stay on the island to be treated instead of going back to Australia. Tani blames her father for her mother’s death. Tani hoped to get her brother off the island when he was old enough, but he’s planning to go through some ritual that will keep him on the island.

Retrieving Julian’s drugs turns out to be more of a trial than Marcus planned. He intended to use the prototype to cloak the sub and make it invisible. Unfortunately, it malfunctions and makes the sub visible. When the sub is fired on, Marcus tries to make it appear like the sub was hit and is dead in the water. Unfortunately, someone drops a flashlight and the destroyer hears it and comes after The Colorado, again. The only way Marcus sees for escape is to take the sub through an underwater cavern.

Lucky for Marcus Sophie gives up her chance to leave and talks him through the cavern. Unfortunately, it took a lot of time and their deadline to deliver Julian his drugs has passed. Cortez having sex with Julian won’t work this time as he decides to kill one of them and demands one of the three decide who should die. Brandon picks Redmond, who is dragged out in the yard and shot.

Marcus arrives with Julian’s drugs to learn Julian killed one of his people. He keeps to the deal and doesn’t try to retaliate to get Cortez and Brandon back safely. When Kendal hears what happened, he wants to go and get retaliation against Julian. The COB watches and Kendal and Marcus disagree angrily over Marcus’ decision to let it lay. Marcus says when the time is right he’ll make Julian pay.

When Marcus is asking Cortez what happened she doesn’t tell him about having to have sex with Julian to try and keep them all safe or Brandon picking Redmond to die.

Meanwhile, back in the United States, Arthur meets with Kylie wanting proof that Marcus’ orders came over the Antarctic Channel. Arthur shames her into helping him and says he wants her to make some noise and ask questions. She asks her lover, Robert, to get some information for her. Later, a bald man comes into Robert’s office asking him if he knows who he is. A short while later Kylie finds her hard drive with all the files for the prototype missing. A few minutes later the bald man shows up. It turns out he’s Kylie’s father and I would guess he’s on the side of the corrupt President and Secretary Curry.

We had some very interesting parallels in this episode: We have two fathers. One trying to help his daughter and the other possibly plotting secretly behind her back. You had two of Marcus’ crew held prisoner. While Cortez sacrificed herself to keep them all safe, Brandon sacrificed Redmond to save himself. Then you have Marcus and Julian, both fighting for control of the island. Julian is a hot head while Marcus keeps a cool head. If I had to bet my money on which will come out on top, it’ll be Marcus. Julian is walking around all cocky thinking he’s still the big fish in the small pond, not realizing he’s swimming in the pond with a shark who is just biding his time to pay him back.


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