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Last Resort -- Frenemies

Updated on October 18, 2012

Mutiny on the island and the bounty

This week, it’s a question of loyalty and just who to be loyal to, as Curry sends a secret message to several crew members with the order to assassinate Marcus. Meanwhile Marcus is putting the crew through their paces conducting drills on The Colorado to keep them on their toes.

The drill goes fine, but afterwards two crewmen [one pro-Marcus and one anti-Marcus] get into a fight that the COB has to put a stop to. To make matters worse a message comes through that Marcus and Sam have been charged with treason and terrorism by the United States. Anders requests of Marcus that he be allowed to go home. Kendal tells Marcus they have a serious morale problem. Marcus says they’ll give them the choice to stay or go.

Sam questions Brannan about what happened and he lies, concealing the fact he chose for Redmond to be the one who died. Sam gets upset when Marcus puts up notice giving men the chance to stay or go without telling him.

King tells Grace to stay away from Hopper when he catches her sitting at his bedside. He also declines Grace’s offer to get some medical help from the ship for him. Grace asks King what he and his men did in Pakistan to warrant them being ordered to fire on Pakistan. He doesn’t answer, but she tells Marcus she thinks she hit a nerve with him. It appears the key to why Marcus was sent the order to fire on Pakistan may lie with King and his men and what they know. Alone with Hopper, King asks why they killed that man.

Someone takes a shot at Marcus as he’s walking with Sam and Grace. It’s one of his own men. Man says he was acting on higher orders. Says they’re all dead. They discover Curry has sent orders to several of Marcus’ crew ordering them to kill Marcus.

Brannan decides to stay. Says he’s not leaving anyone behind again. COB tells Grace he’s staying to paddle her, Sam and Marcus to their treason trial.

Sophie helps Sam video tape a message to send Christine. Julian claims he’ll send it for her, but Sophie finds him watching it. It seems for doing this favor for Sophie, she has to do something for him. She performs some tests on the island and tells Julian she didn’t find what he was looking for. Julian doesn’t seem to believe her and gives her a veiled threat. She later takes Sam to see a beautiful view of the island. She tries to get Sam to agree to take care of the island and keep it safe should something happen to her.

Marcus knows other men may be targeting him but still insists on doing another drill with his men. Things don’t go well when Brannan comes to the command center with a live grenade demanding Marcus take then to the blockade and surrender. Marcus clears the deck and tries to talk some sense into Brannan. When Brannan insists that Marcus contact Curry, Curry orders Brannan to kill everyone on board The Colorado to destroy the sub. This finally gets through to Brannan and he stands down, handing the grenade to Marcus. Afterwards, Cortez goes to Marcus to tell him the truth about what really happened to Redmond, in hopes he’ll understand that Brannan wasn’t in his right mind. He’s not happy she kept this from him.

Most of the crew decides to stay after the mess with Brannan. One who didn’t want to is Anders, but they couldn’t let him go because he’s too important to the sub. Will not letting him go prove to be a deadly mistake?

Christine is being harassed by newsmen surround her place once the charges against Sam go public. Paul the government rat whose assignment is to undermine Christine’s trust and loyalty to Sam, shows up just as she’s discovering her credit cards have been frozen and she won’t be receiving Sam’s paycheck, anymore. He gives her money to help her get by. He tells her he’ll be with her every step of the way. However, things don’t go as he planned when she confronts the reporters telling them the government detained her and she wants the truth and so should they.

Kylie’s father admits he told her boyfriend to steal the files from her. He says he protected their family’s future. You do what the President tells you. He tells her to trust him. When she meets with Grace’s father, Arthur, she refuses to help him anymore. But she does give him one last tidbit. The government doesn’t want anyone to know where the Colorado was before it was attacked. Later, at home with her father, Kylie seems to get very interested when she sees Christine’s rant on TV.

This episode left us with quite a few questions: Just who did King and his men kill and just how did it spawn this whole thing? Just what is Julian after? And will Anders be the next crewman that tries to mutiny against Marcus?


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