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Last Resort -- Get Marcus

Updated on January 12, 2013

Marcus was a man under siege as Last Resort returned from it's hiatus to play out it's final episodes. Everyone seemed to be out to get him and by the hour's end his most trusted ally would join their ranks.

First, back in the United States Arthur had been secretly released from prison as he and select members of the cabinet began planning a coup to overthrow the president. The revelation that the president ordered the murder of the arms inspector in Pakistan and the planting of fake weapons to justify the United States firing on Pakistan was the impetus for many to see the president needed to be removed from office. He'd basically started a war with Pakistan to stop himself from being thrown out of office. Unfortunately, one of the general's balked at the plan and ended up being shot.

Sam was in a dark place and took it out on Sophie when she tried to confront him and got crude wondering if she wanted to comfort him in bed. He also packed his bags and left camp when Marcus needed him most. While out hiking in the woods he stumbled upon the COB and some of Marcus' men talking about killing Marcus and taking over. When they saw Sam they all gave chase. When the storm hitting the island got worse, Sam and the COB called a truce to take shelter. Sam tried to get the COB to see he's fighting on the wrong side and he in turn tried to get Sam to see that Marcus is out of control and needs to be removed from command. The COB's argument that the Marcus he's known for 20 years has changed and has crossed lines he'd never have crossed convinces Sam to join the revolt on the condition Marcus not be killed.

Meanwhile, Julian invites Sophie for dinner and reveals he knows she lied about the tests on the island he asked her to do. He wants to have a relationship with her and claims together they can protect the island and its resources. However, his idea of protecting the island may be radically different than hers. He goes to the Chinese ambassador with a test tube of the island's special resources which he says could be a new energy source. He obviously wants the Chinese ambassador to turn on Marcus and support him so he can get control of the island back.

Julian's plan could work, as the Chinese ambassador refused to protect the supply ship coming to the island to bring food and supplies to Marcus' people and the islander, even though Marcus told him the US was planning to shoot it down. He said China would offer Marcus aid and comfort but it was Marcus' problem to get it there safely. So Marcus headed off in The Colorado to try and stop the US from shooting down the supply ship.

Before leaving on the mission on the sub, Cortez was given orders to kill Marcus. When she goes to his cabin to carry out her duties, Marcus is reading a bible and doesn't seem surprised that Cortez is the sleeper agent. She ultimately can't do it and decides she's on Marcus' side, which turns out to be a good decision. When Marcus closes up the bible he reveals he had a gun in his hand ready to kill her if he had to.

Cortez may be Marcus' only ally as Grace also begins to question Marcus when he's prepared to fire on the US ship threatening to blow the Chinese supply ship out of the water. She and King offer to rig up a missile so it will disable the ship but not destroy it. When it takes them a little time to fix it up, Marcus orders a full-powered missile fired and Grace countermands his order when she and King finish rigging up the low-powered missile. Afterwards, Marcus confronts her about disobeying his commands and she says she did it for him.

Ultimately, Marcus is able to deliver the much-needed supplies to the islanders and his people, while Sam agrees to go back to working with Marcus, while secretly plotting against him.


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