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Last Resort -- Mutiny

Updated on January 19, 2013

Next week is the series finale, although for some reason only know to ABC, they're billing as the season finale. Since there's no word they uncancelled it, next week will be it for the show. And I've got a bad feeling before the final credits roll, Marcus may die.

To me Marcus is a true hero. Sometimes doing the right thing isn't easy and it doesn't benefit you. Not following the corrupt administrations orders to fire on Pakistan and killing possibly millions of innocent people was the right thing to do, but it set Marcus against his own country and government. Because he didn't mindlessly follow the orders given him as the COB would have [and many of his other men] he's been labelled a traitor. And now his own men are turning against him because he made a deal with China so they didn't starve not thinking that their own country was willing to let them starve, much like they don't consider the fact that had Marcus been the little military automaton mindlessly following orders they all would have ended up dead.

It's actually an interesting debate. Follow the orders of a corrupt regime and murder innocent people or take a stand against them and be labelled a terrorist.

Arthur managed to contact Marcus and tell him about the coup about to go on. If successful, it could nip the mutiny the COB is plotting against Marcus in the bud, as they'd all be able to go home. Unfortunately, it all begins falling apart. First Forest, who was supposed to deliver the flash drive to the speaker disappears and is later found dead. Then Kylie takes Forest's place and delivers it to the speaker, but he gets a text message before going to expose the president for the evil monster he is, and whatever it was in the text causes the speaker to take the blame for the coup and shooting himself in the head in front of everyone. Kylie, knowing her fat is about to be in the fire, tries to escape the building, only to be grabbed by two men who force her into limo. Inside the limo is her father. He asks where the flash drive is and she says the speaker has it and he says he'll have to get it back. Then he boards Airforce One. The man is obviousy in league with the corrupt president.

On the island, Tani decides she's going to take her brother and go back to Australia. King says he wants to go with her and is about to leave when Sam corners him. He gives King a list of people he wants King to kill if something should happen to him. At the top of the hit list is the COB. King returns to Tani and makes her hate him and leave the island by telling her he cheated on her and had sex with Grace. Later he tells Grace that she may need to step up and lead everyone because he feels both Marcus and Sam are completely out of control.

Marcus isn't as clueless as everyone seems to think. He knows Julian met with the China Ambassador and confronts him about what kind of deal he may have struck with Julian. He also has a man loyal to him as a mole in the COB's little insurgence group. Finally, Cortez makes Marcus see that Sam may no longer be loyal to him by telling that when Curry came to the island he and Sam struck a deal for Marcus to be removed and for Sam to take over command. Marcus also figures out the COB is back on drugs and he reminds him he was the one who helped him kick them years ago and offers to do the same again. The COB refuses Marcus' help and Marcus says if the COB wants to take command from him come and try it.

Both Marcus and Sam approach Grace about whose side she's on and she doesn't really give either an answer, but both are sure she's on their side. When the time comes they wait for her to signal whose side she's on by firing one for Sam and two for Marcus. I was hoping she'd fired none for neither, but she fires two rockets for Marcus. Only it appears that Anders, the guy who assaulted an island girl, forced her to fire two. He wants to lure Marcus into a trap, so whose side Grace may be on is still a mystery.

Marcus' last hope to stop violence from breaking out on the island dies when he sees the news report about the speaker killing himself. He knows the coup has failed. Meanwhile the COB, whose been supplied guns by Julian, prepares to launch his attack against Marcus.

Next week should be a very violent week. With so many people gunning for him, will Marcus be able to survive?


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