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Last Resort -- The Hunt For Christine

Updated on December 15, 2012

This episode picks up where the last one left out. Sam determined to find Christine. He and King prepare to leave the island to head for the Philippines to look for him. Before he departs, Marcus tells Sam he doesn't own him anything and never did. In other words, he doesn't expect him to come back.

King takes Sam to his friend, Wes, who at first refuses to help them, because he doesn't want to put his own family in jeopardy. Then he agrees to help, as they manage to rescue Christine. It looks like Sam is going to choose having a life with Christine, until he's told a price has been put on his head Then he decides he has to let Christine go so she can have a real life with someone else. However, it appears Christine will have a life with no one as the van she and Wes are in blows up with both of them inside of it. After that King and Sam return to the island to the shock to see the China flag is now flying instead of the US flag.

The COB finally returns but he doesn't tell anyone what really happened to him. The close as he comes is an altered version of the truth about being jumped by some locals and thrown in a ditch. No one seems to suspect he's back on drugs thanks to Julian.

Marcus is facing a big problem in that 1/3 of his crew are in prison and the rest of the crew doesn't think it's fair that they have to work for their food, while the prisoners are sitting around doing nothing and being fed. Food is also becoming scarce. Enter China whose offering to keep Marcus supplied with all the supplies he needs.

Julian also makes an offer to Marcus to play nice with him and keep him supplied in what he needs. Too little, too late, JuJu. Marcus already loathes you for killing one of his people and inciting the islanders to riot against them. Just wait til he finds out what you did to the COB. Marcus makes some comment to Julian about him not really knowing him. For some reason that kind of sent a chill up my spine. Julian, however, is a dumb thug who thinks he's king of the world. I wouldn't want to be in little JuJu's shoes when he finally pushes Marcus too far and I think the day is rapidly approaching.

Marcus talks over his options with Grace who says there's always strings attached to any deal. After brokering a deal with the Chinese diplomat, Joon, Marcus agrees to a deal with China, warning the US may come at them. Joon isn't worried and tells Marcus the US he knew is gone and only exists inside Marcus.

Marcus settles his prisoner dispute by letting all the imprisoned people out of prison and punishing them by being lashed. He says they are in combat and that there are no prisoners here. Joon is impressed by how Marcus handles the situation and asks if he can stay on the island instead of returning to China and Marcus agrees.

For some reason, Wes faked his and Christine's death. He's keeping her prisoner in his home. So while Sam believes his wife is dead, she's very much alive.

I can see where this story was going. Sam returns to the island thinking Christine is dead and becomes romantically involved with Sophie and then learns Christine is alive. That was if the show hadn't been cancelled. So we don't know how far the story will go now.

Sam and Christine are supposed to be the great love story of the show, but really seeing them share some quality scenes together I discovered they really don't have any chemistry together. The kind of story they were pulling off they needed to actors with chemistry off the charts together and they just don't have it.

Back in the US, Hopper offers Kylie the footage from the helmet cam in exchange for money. Things seem to be going okay, until Kylie's ex-boyfriend breaks into her apartment to tell her he's trying to save Hopper's life. He claims a coup d'etat is about to go down.

I still wish ABC would change it's mind about cancelling this show or some other network would pick it up. It's still my favorite new show of the season.


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