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Last Resort -- The Russians Are Coming

Updated on October 5, 2012

As we last left off, Julian had made a move against Marcus by kidnapping two of his people. Marcus still wasn’t aware of that power play in this episode. Instead, he was occupied with both the United States and Russia testing his 200 mile limit line not to cross.

The Illinois took another go at the Colorado, but thanks to Kylie’s prototype, it allowed the Colorado to become invisible and for Marcus to fire a dummy missile at the Illinois as a warning. Next time it will be the real thing. Then just as that threat is taken care of, a plane invades the island’s air space. Marcus initially believes it to be a delta force about to attack the island, but it turns out it an attack force from Russia trying to capture the sub.

When Kendal and Grace lead an attack force to meet the invading troops, COB tries to rev up two of the men to kill Grace in retaliation for her killing one of their own. When she returns from the mission, she tells him she knows what he did, but she’s still standing there.

The COB is one of those none so blind that will not see types. Marcus tries to talk reason to him, but he’s not listening. He’s a military robot who follows orders and doesn’t think about such things as if his own country has betrayed him. He even tries to turn all the men against Marcus by revealing that Marcus’ son, Jeffrey, was killed two weeks ago by friendly fire, and suggesting Marcus is trying to get revenge on the US for it. It’s doesn’t work with Kendal who tells Marcus he trusts him.

When Kylie learns from her mole in the defense department that Marcus used her prototype and it worked, and warns the government will be coming to confiscate it, she blackmails him to get her some information. He apparently gets what she wants [as she finds something written on a piece of paper], but at a terrible cost. He’s on life support system, supposedly from some kind of allergic reaction. The man’s wife hopes that Kylie dies alone.

The two government goons that showed up on Christine’s doorstep are working on trying to break her trust in Kendal. They show her a tape of him being debriefed after he was held prisoner. Something Sam never told her about. They reveal Sam is so loyal to Marcus because he saved Sam’s life, and claim he lied when he was being debriefed. They don’t play for her the part of the video where Sam says he’s not going to tell her about this because she’s the only good thing in his life.

They have her call Sam on the island and tell him if he surrenders the sub and Marcus, there won’t be any charges against him and the others. Once she says what they told her to say, she tells Sam not to trust them. Since their little mind games haven’t worked, they send in their good cop, Paul Wells. He gets her released from custody. His job is to break her love for Sam.

Grace and Kendal go to King for help against the invading troops, but he refuses to help. He goes further than that. He says if he had his choice he’d be on their side against Grace and Kendal. However, Dichen gets him to go help. He ends up saving Grace’s life just as one of the Russian attack squad is about to stab her.

The end results of the scrimmage is Team Marcus lost five men, they captured two of the Russian soldiers and the rest bugged out. On the Washington front, Curry [who tried to force the Colorado to fire on Pakistan and no doubt ordered the Illinois to fire on the Colorado and Pakistan] has been promoted to Secretary and everyone is rallying around the president they were thisclose to impeaching. In short, mission successful.


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