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Last Resort -- The Search For The Key

Updated on November 16, 2012

Marcus never took a course from Miss Manners

This episode was cooking on all four burners. You had more trouble between the crew of The Colorado and Drug Czar Julian. You had a surprise hook-up on the beach. And, once again, someone was trying to undermine Sam's trust and loyalty in Marcus.

Marcus was having all his crew's things searched looking for the key. Sam was worried he was going to turn the crew against them, but Marcus really didn't care. He wanted that key back. And he suspected everyone, including Grace. Meanwhile, McClure whose real name was Booth, was whispering sweet nothings in Sam's ear. Marcus is a narcissist with anger management issues. We'd like to remove Marcus and put you in charge. Hey, we could even bring Christine to the island. What do you say?

Sam looked like he really wanted to say yes. He even starts acting like he's the commander and chief as he jollies up his troops morale [something Marcus should have done], passes out booze and arranges for them to watch a football game.

While Marcus was carrying on his maniacal search for the key, the COB was on his own crusade. He discovered one of Julian's people was giving his men drugs and he went ballistic. He beat the crap out of Julian's pusher and told him not push anymore drugs to his people. Julian retaliated by kidnapping one of Marcus' female officers, Snyder, and strapping a bomb to her. Luckily, Grace and King were able to defuse the bomb before bits of Snyder was sprinkled all over the island. Things got worse when Marcus went to confront Julian about what he did to one of his men and Julian got one of his people to take the blame for it, so he couldn't be blamed. I don't know what Julian thought would happen, but he sure didn't expect to see his man executed right in front of his eyes. Before Marcus left he knocked Julian to the ground with a warning, "Mess with me and mine, again, and I'm putting a bullet through your head."

Unfortunately, Julian's a bully, who was bullying the entire island before Marcus arrived, and he still thinks he can bully everyone on the island, including Marcus. He has the COB kidnapped and figures the COB is so anti-drug because he used to be addicted to them himself. He mentions a variety of drugs and when the COB reacts to pain killers, he realizes that was the COB's drug of choice. So he burns the COB's feet and shoots him up with pain killers and leaves him out in the middle of nowhere.

I dislike the COB for his narrow-minded refusal to see his own country had betrayed him, but he's started to grow on me. It's horrible what this little punk did to him. I just how Marcus or better yet, the COB, puts a bullet in this punk's head. Or maybe they could just addict him to the junk he sells and see how he likes being a drug addict.

After the life and death situation King and Grace were in when they defused the bomb they ended up having some very hot sex on the beach. Afterwards, Grace said it wouldn't happen again. King went home and found Tani in his bed. They seem to be practically living together, as they woke-up in bed together when the episode started. Not good.

The biggest shocker that came out of this episode was if Marcus and Cortez are lovers. He chastises her for not following channels when she comes to see him and promises him she'll always have his back. Later, it's revealed that Cortez has the missing launch key. The question is if she's the CIA sleeping agent or she knows who is and stole the key from them.

Back in the States, Kylie meets with a friend of Arthur's who tells her Arthur is in jail for killing Amanda Straw. The administration is covering the fact up, as they've lied how Amanda Straw really died. When Christine gives an interview showing a picture of Amanda Straw's body and saying the government lied about how she died, so what else are they lying about, Paul Hartman comes over to blast her. Christine plays the helpless female and even comes on to him so Kylie can snoop through Paul's car and bug his phone. They hear Curry calling Hartman and reminding him that they have his son. So that's why Sam's friend is betraying him and trying to get in his wife's pants. The government is using his son as a hostage to force him to do what he's doing.

This was a great episode and it was with a lot of sadness today that the news came that ABC cancelled this show. It's a shame they didn't try it in a better time slot where it had a fair chance of succeeding. But apparently that's too much for ABC to try. They'd rather just cancel a good show instead of giving it a chance to succeed in a better time slot.


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