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Last Resort -- Trial By Fire

Updated on October 26, 2012

Sam puts Marcus through his paces as they prepare to meet with Curry, who has come to offer a deal to settle the whole mess and promptly bury it. Complicating matters, a section of the underwater sonar has gone down and the battery needs to be replaced. If it isn’t, the US could sneak in subs and slaughter them all.

Grace is assigned to conduct the mission and she asks King if he’d replace the battery. Strangely enough, King agrees to do it, much to Tani’s displeasure. Someone Grace wishes wouldn’t go with her is the COB. Sophie comes on board, too, to guide King in replacing the battery.

Meanwhile, Marcus and Sam meet with Curry and his colleague Amanda. Amanda is quite the piece of work. Apparently, she promised Arthur if he came along to convince Marcus to give in, no charges would be pressed against Grace. Only she tells him once they’re on the island that that will only happen if he gets Marcus to back down. She then tries to undermine Sam’s trust in Marcus by insinuating Marcus isn’t well, and I don’t think she’s talking about his physical health. She brings up Marcus’ wife and son dying and mentioned he hasn’t spoken to his other son.

Marcus doesn’t help matters by acting like a petulant child and refusing to agree to anything Curry offers. He wants a public trial and threatens to hold one from the island for the American public to see. He also taunts Curry about the Navy Seals and it strikes a nerve with Curry. The Navy Seals know something Curry doesn’t want to get out.

When Arthur gets a quick moment with Marcus he tells him to hold strong. There’s a group of people who want to impeach the president. They’re counting on him to not let this be buried.

On the Colorado everything seems to be going as planned. King is outside the sub replacing the battery. And that’s where everything goes wrong. The Illinois has slipped through and is hot on their tail. Grace orders King to untether himself from the sub, as she has to leave him behind to save everyone on the ship. Sophie gives her a hard time for playing God and leaving King to die. She also gets plenty of lip from The COB.

At the negotiations, Sam finally seems to have enough of Marcus drawing a line in the sand, when Curry offers him, Grace and everyone else amnesty for turning on Marcus. Sam accepts the deal, wanting to go home to Christine.

It’s at that point everything goes crazy courtesy of Arthur. He hears Amanda about to give the order to fire on The Colorado and he shoots her dead. He also manages to shoot Curry. After that everything happened so fast, I’m not sure what happened to Arthur. I’m not sure if he was arrested or killed. When Marcus told Grace what happened to her father, they didn’t show what he said.

Arthur shooting Amanda and delaying the fire order, allowed Grace to get the drop on the Illinois and said she had missiles pointed at DC. And it was close, but King was rescued before it was too late for him. There seems to be definitely a triangle building between Grace/King and Tani. King returns to Tani and they share a kiss.

One positive thing to come out of the whole mess is the COB finally showed Grace some respect. He made the men salute her and he addressed her in a respectful manner.

Back in The States, Kylie is being treated like a pariah. She sneaks into Christine’s house and says she needs her to make some noise. Christine surprises the audience by revealing she knows Paul Wells is a mole and he’s trying to undermine her trust in Sam. He tried to convince her that Sam and Marcus planned to defect to China. Christine tells Kylie that throughout their marriage there was a third person in their marriage. Sam’s devotion to his country. He would never betray his country.

I think that’s what I like about this show the most. None of the characters are written as dumb. They’re not easily fooled by their enemies. It was a pleasant surprise that Christine wasn’t being taken in by the mole and that she knew exactly what he was doing. It’s a refreshing change to see characters not written as dummies.


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