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Laugh of the Day 10/6/2011: Chris Farley

Updated on October 7, 2011

When the deck is stacked against me, I like to get a good laugh out to relieve some stress. I'm going to do this everyday if it goes over well. I am a big fan of comedy so it may be something different everyday. It may be a few pictures, it may be a couple videos, or it may be a bunch of written jokes. I just hope this helps you relieve a little stress and makes your day a little bit better!

Flashlight Checkup
Flashlight Checkup | Source

Everyday there will be a different theme and today's theme is comedy great Chris Farley. Chris was known for many different roles.Born in 1964 and died in 1997, Farley was only 33 when he died. Even though we lost him very young, he left us with a lot of great memories. Whether it was a leading role in Black Sheep or Tommy Boy among other starring roles, as well as the minor roles he had. But no one will forget his days on Saturday Night Live. Chris was apart of what many consider the greatest SNL cast. Though young, Chris Farley will always be remembered and his legacy will live on.

Motivational Speaker: Matt Foley

"I Says to the Guy"


Hope you guys got a good laugh. If there is anyone out there you would like me to spotlight let me know.


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