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Cyndi Lauper profile of a singer

Updated on March 7, 2015

Cynthia Ann Stephanie Lauper Thornton who changed her name when she became a singer to Cyndi Lauper was born on June 22 1953, Brooklyn, New York, America. Her parents both divorced when she was five, her mother had to take a waitressing job to support her sister and Lauper. As a youngster, she was repeatedly expelled from four different high schools when she was growing up. Inspired by the Beatles, Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald Lauper at the age of twelve brought her first guitar and started writing songs. Lauper managed to graduate from Richmond Hill school with an honorary diploma.

Realising her dream of one day becoming a singer she sung in a cover band, working in a number of odd jobs from waitressing to singing in a Japanese Club. Two years later after badly damaging her vocal cords, doctors told Lauper she now faced the realistic possibility that she might not be able to ever sing again. Always a determined individual she found a vocal coach Katie Agresta, Lauper managed to make a full recovery. In 1980 Lauper, formed a new band called Blue’s Angel; the band caught the attention of Polydor records. Signing a record deal with Polydor, the band released their first album, however, sales of the album performed badly in the charts. Deciding to break up, Blue Angel band members took legal action against their manager. Lauper had no choice other than to work in a retail shop so she could support herself once again. It was now 1981 and Lauper was singing songs in clubs in her spare time to try to get her career back on track. One night David Wolf a music manager happened to be in the audience, immediately noticed Lauper. So impressed by the young singer he signed her to Portrait Records, where she recorded her first solo album She’s So Unusual released two years later. Dressed in flamboyant clothes, makeup, singing catchy melodies her strong singing performance made Lauper an overnight hit with fans on both sides of the Atlantic. The album achieved double platinum in America and Britain in the same year.

In 1985, Lauper joined Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie at USA Africa Single to record a single We Are The World the proceeds were donated to Aids sufferers in Africa. In the same year, she won the Grammy Awards for Best New Artist. The second album to be released in 1986 was True Colours, Change of Heart went straight to number three in the charts. With three chart successes, her new album didn’t repeat the success of her first album. Cyndi Live in Paris was Lauper first tour in France in 1987, her performance on stage showed that she could be a multi-talented performer.

Branching out into film acting she appeared with Jeff Goldblum as a mad physic in the film Vibes in 1988. Box office taking were less than two million, owing to the failed impact on audiences and critics. Returning to singing Lauper worked on and produced her third album. Only one song I Drove All The Night managed to make it number one on the singles chart. Disputes with her music manager Wolf ended with the pair severing their personal and professional relationship.

Now collaborating with other singers she joined Yoko Ono at a tribute concert in memory of John Lennon. A Night To Remember was Lauper’s third album which came out in 1989 featuring I Drove Through The Night won a Grammy award in 1990. Landing a role in the film Off And Running released in 1991 starring Lauper, on the set of the film she met David Thornton. The film however proved to be a flop with cinemas audiences as Lauper made failed to make an impact. A year later she married Thornton in a friends meeting house in New York City. Now working on her fourth album Lauper combined her style with Soul, Funk and Hip-hop producing A Hat Of Stars 1993. Her album was ripped to shreds by Rolling Stone magazine for it references to domestic violence and incest. Yet again the album wasn’t well received by listeners as sales performed badly when the album came out. It was three years before Lauper returned to the studios to work on her fifth album Sisters Of Avalon which went on released in 1996. For the first time in a long time, sales performed extremely well, selling millions worldwide. In November the following year Lauper gave birth to her son Declyn Wallace Thornton, keeping both her work and personal life separate she did refer to her son Decyln for her 1998 Album Merry Christmas, have a nice life. Another long break from recording this time Lauper reinvented herself, and in 2003 At Last was the album which sold four and a half million albums worldwide. The success of the At Last reached the top forty in both Australia and America. Keeping up with the latest fashion Lauper released her final album to date Bring Ya To The Brink.


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