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Lauri Waring Peterson, the Real Housewives, Before and After Plastic Surgery

Updated on September 22, 2012
Before and After
Before and After

About Lauri

Lauri Waring Peterson appeared on seasons one through four of the Real Housewives. She is a beautiful, middle-aged blonde who caught everyone's attention on the show, but the fact is her stunning looks are not natural but rather the work of a skilled plastic surgeon.

During the beginning of the first season, Lauri was 46 years old and recently divorced. She was a former model but attended parties frequently at the Playboy mansion.

Lauri had to adjust to life without a rich husband. She lived on her own and described herself as "poor" even though she was still able to purchase fine jewelry and go on shopping sprees. Later in the season her daughter, Ashley, moved in with her mother in due to financial concerns. Her son, Josh, was going in and out of juvenile detention.

Later, she got engaged to George Peterson, a land developer. The second season of the show focused on their relationship. During season 3, Lauri gets married to him and is escorted down the aisle by her son. She is able to live a more lavish life again.

Close-up photo
Close-up photo


So what plastic surgery work has Lauri had done? There are several: breast implants, cheek implants, a nose job, lip injections a facelift and many instances of Botox. She is often wearing very low-cut tops to show off her breast implants, which are quite obvious.

She is very open about her use of Botox. She has even been shown to get the procedure done on the show.

Even though she has had more than Botox on her face, she completely denies further procedures were ever performed, even though the before and after pictures of the woman shows otherwise.


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