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Laurie Strode

Updated on May 31, 2012

Michael Is Stalking Her

Michael Myers' Little Sister

Laurie Strode is a character created for the original Halloween story which was brought to film in 1978 by John Carpenter. Laurie is the little sister of deranged killer, Michael Myers, and she was portrayed by Jamie Lee Curtis in the original Halloween movie. In a 2007 remake of the Halloween movie (Rob Zombie version), Laurie Strode is played by actress, Scout Taylor-Compton.

* Note: in the original Halloween, the emphasis for Michael's attack on Laurie Strode is unrelated to the familial bond. The killer attacks babysitters in the first movie and Laurie is the 'final girl' character in the first movie. The attacks seem to follow the theme of 'killer stalks/kills babysitters' and Laurie completes that theme.

We do not understand the true/more complicated biological relationship between Michael and Laurie until the second Halloween movie.


Final Girl Tribute Clips - Laurie Strode

Laurie in the original Halloween

Laurie appears in 5 of the Halloween movies so far...

First appearance: Original Halloween by John Carpenter, 1978.

In the first movie, Laurie appears as a 17-year old. She is planning on babysitting Tommy Doyle on Halloween night. Michael Myers shows up in town during the daytime. He has escaped from authorities who were transporting him from Smith Grove Sanitarium to another holding facility so that as a newly turned adult, he could face charges for the murder of his sister, Judith Myers - from several years back.

During the daytime, Laurie keeps seeing a strange, masked man lurking in unusual places. The masked figure seems to be following her, wherever she goes.

Laurie makes it to her babysitting gig in the evening. Her girlfriend, Annie, has opted to earn money by babysitting, too, on Hallowe'en night. She babysits little Lindsey Wallace who lives right across the street from Tommy Doyle. Unfortunately, with Michael Myers in town, it is a very - VERY - bad night to pick for babysitting, and Laurie doesn't know it, but Michael is systematically killing her friends throughout the evening. Laurie's friends, Lynda and Bob (Lynda's boyfriend) plan to stop by and see the babysitting gals sometime on Halloween night.

Laurie and Annie swapped phone numbers, and when Laurie receives a strange call from Annie, she begins to worry...and then she goes to check on Annie... What she finds in the house across the street are the bodies of her friends Annie, Lynda and Bob. At this point, she finally realizes that she is being stalked as well.

Laurie's realization comes too late and Michael Myers quickly finds her and starts to attack her, obviously intending to kill her. She has managed to flee back to the Doyle home after finding her deceased friends, and she puts up a fierce fight against her masked attacker. She manages to find household items to use for defending herself and even gets a grip on Michael's huge butcher knife and uses it against him. She stabs him with knitting needles, a metal clothes hanger and with his own knife but these defensive attacks barely slow Michael down, and he continues his aggravatingly slow, methodical advance and attack...

Michael begins to strangle Laurie, gripping her throat with murderous intent...

He has chased Laurie upstairs in the Doyle home and things look hopeless for Laurie as MIchael grips her around her neck with both hands in a vise-like grip.

Suddenly Dr. Samuel J. Loomis appears. Dr. Loomis is the psychiatrist who has had Michael as a patient since Michael was a young child. Dr. Loomis shoots Michael and breaks his grip on Laurie.

Wounded, Michael backs away on unsteady feet. He backtracks too far and tumbles over the balcony railing and to the ground two stories below.

Dr. Loomis quickly checks on Laurie, who doesn't appear mortally wounded, so the doctor then walks to the edge of the balcony...

The body of Michael Myers is not down below as it should be when Dr. Loomis looks down from the balcony.

End of movie...

Video: Halloween and Laurie Strode, "Dear Diary"

Laurie Strode/Jamie Lee Curtis

Halloween (Carpenter) Trailer


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Scout taylor compton made me want more Jamie Lee Curtis! Scout just wasn't likeable or really that "good". She was a foul mouthed bratty teen in a lot of ways and I found her kind of annoying. Jamie Lee was able to launch a career off that role. Scout has my knowledge.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      scout taylor compton made you forget jaimie le curtis!

    • profile image

      sarah gambill  

      9 years ago

      helloooooo my name is sarah i saved laurie`s life ever since she was dead but i used the journal book to start all over again so she wont become a killer she is not the leagasy of her brother she is not a killer she`s innoacent girl just like me

    • mythbuster profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Utopia, Oz, You Decide

      Hello, VenomsEdge - you bring up good points about Michael Myers' possible motives for killing babysitters... that they were obstacles preventing him from getting to Laurie...

      I'll have to think on this - and maybe watch the movie again with your argument in mind.

      Thanks for the comments...and for giving me an excuse to watch a scary movie this weekend.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Interesting hub, but the info you noted about Myers just killing babysitters in the first one and there wasn't any family obssessional killing, has me disagreeing because i think the only reason Myers killed those babysitters cause of their friendship/relationship with the sister, so he see's them as obstacles to be dealt with. I enjoyed this hub...


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