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LeBron James Scores the Winning Point in Akron

Updated on March 5, 2016

LeBron James

LeBron Scored the Winning Point!

College tuition is on the increase in private and public universities. I often take the opportunity to ask some of the young men and women I encounter what he or she would like to become after high school. Some students suggest that when they complete school, having the occupation of a fireman, teacher, lawyer, actor and more is what their heart desires. As a former athletic coach, I had the opportunity to ask many athletes what his or her aspirations were after school and at least 50% told me a professional athlete. Well, many people have various terms concerning what constitutes a professional athlete. Is a professional athlete one who attends college with a nice suit or dress and return upon college completion savvy in an occupation? In the case of speaking to student athletes from all over the states, a professional athlete is Michael Jordan, Shaquille O Neal, Sheryl Swoops and many more. What do Michael Jordan, Shaquille and Sheryl have in common? The answer to the question concerning commonality is the love of basketball and the successful career each player maintains. While reading this article, you may believe that the legends such as MJ have either retired, own a big business or is involved in the community and you are exactly right. Michael Jordan was a national phenomenal when I was in school and everyone had to have the Jordan shoes because it was the shoes perhaps that would make us fly, look cool and maybe even make us smarter. I look back and laugh because it was not the shoes that created my character; it was the values that were instilled in me as a young lad.

Let’s keep things in proper perspective and reverse back to the late 1990’s and early 2000s. As I was still in high school in the mid 1990s, I continued to watch millionaires such as Michael Jordan, Shaq O’Neal and others continue in success on the court and off the court, and it was around 2002 that I began to hear of a new name-Lebron-James. James was a young athlete out of Akron, Ohio who continued to woo the media and fans in 2002 while playing basketball at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School and was thought to become a future NBA superstar. I wondered if in high school or playing college ball how many times coaches asked James, “What would you like to be when you grow up?” It seemed that every time James stepped on the court, he answered the question concerning what he wanted to become as he grew older. As time progressed, LeBron James graduated from high school and was the first pick in the 2003 NBA draft by the Cavaliers and currently plays for the Cavaliers. Known for bringing the Heat, LeBron James not only returned to the Cavaliers from Miami, but recently LeBron returned to his home-town of Ohio and scored the winning shot with many young people!

On August 7th, 2015, LeBron James wanted to make kid’s dreams come true and that is exactly what Mr. James did. In a brief media interview, Lebron said, “These kids have the biggest dreams in the world and it is about making those dreams come true!” Wow, what a powerful word from someone who has been blessed with fortune. Lebron’s foundation provided food, bicycles, helmets and clothing to many young in Akron through the Le Bron James foundation. A few weeks later while I was away on a business trip, one of my media friends called and asked if I had heard about Lebron James. As I listened and begin to read the articles and listen to media, I discovered that Lebron James partnered with the University of Akron and as a result of partnership, James will provide a guaranteed four-year scholarship to the school for students in the “James I promise program.” Within the “James program”, the scholarship will cover tuition and the university’s general service fee. Over 1000 students will benefit from the Lebron James initiative and this will cost his foundation a total of 41.8 million dollars! Way to go Lebron James! The next time you see a young adult who is currently in school, the real question is, “Who do you want to become?”Character allows one to go back and plant roots, while success allows one to reap the harvest of the root! In conclusion, James is an integral part of the community and the Cavaliers and what one sow, that shall one reap!

LeBron James!!!! (BIG JINGLE DECEMBER 18th)



Dr. Alfreda Emonya Love

Dr. Alfreda Emonya Love has enjoyed a fulfilling career as an educational leader, radio host, motivational speaker and military servant beginning in 1997 in Bellmead, Texas. Dr. Love is the recipient of numerous educational and community service awards. She has a book entitled, "A Spiritual Guide to Go and is currently seeking to write another book.

Love devotes her time to various Christian groups, non-profits, civic activities and educational endeavors.

Dr. Love graduated from La Vega High School, Baylor University, Texas A&M University and Prairie View A&M University; served in the United States military; and performed certification work at Dallas Baptist University with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction. Dr. Love indicated that God, her family and community are to be recognized for her achievements.

Dr. Love is an administrator and Project Executive Director of Love’s Comedy and Entertainment. Dr. Love has been a member of Greater Ebenezer Baptist Church for 36 years.

Dr. Love

LeBron James

LeBron James

Giving Back!


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