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Learn All The Notes On The Guitar Neck In A Few Days!

Updated on April 3, 2010

Free Jazz/Classical Guitar Exercises

Here are a few exercises that will help you learn all the notes on the neck of the guitar. If you're a TAB reader exclusively, I can't overstate to you the improvements you will see in your playing if you learn the actual notes!

This is especially true if you want to play jazz or classical guitar. Real jazz and classical musicians don't learn their shit by tablatures. When you think about it, when musicians play most other instruments, they actually know what they are playing!

To learn jazz guitar is too complex an enterprise to go about just remembering finger positions on a few chords. When you know and understand the notes and chords you're playing, it actually becomes much easier to improvise and change things around on the spot! To put it another way, fingerings will just give you one static version of a song, while knowing the music behind it all allows you to improvise to any song you learn! And that's when it actually becomes jazz.

By the way, please take a second to "visit" (a.k.a. click a couple of times) the ads on the site, it gives me a couple of cents each time, so it helps me put more transcriptions and exercises like these up for you to play!!

...So as I was saying, learn the notes! try these just 15-20 minutes a day, and you will see results sooner than you think.  The material is a bit dry, and your brain will feel sluggish at first, but to me that's a sign that connections are being built in there ...Keep going!



Chromatic Exercises Along Each String

Check out my  jazz standard arrangements for solo guitar:

You Took Advantage of Me

Dream A Little Dream of Me

Autumn Leaves

Don't Blame Me



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    • profile image

      Sam 5 years ago

      HA! You finally added the rest of the strings!! Thank you for doing that. Unfortunately, the images are in jpg format and fuzzy. If you send me the originals, I'll great PDFs for you and you can upload those so they'll be pristine! I'd really like to have these in all their glory!! :)

    • profile image

      hatice from Germany... 5 years ago

      really thank you for your exercises.

      I have the same problem as RaunSeymourCole can you send me the images also.. I will keep watching your exercises.

      Have a nice day..

    • RaunSeymourCole profile image

      RaunSeymourCole 6 years ago from Illinois, USA

      Hey Chris, thanks for the comment, you're right the full version of the images are a bit fuzzy. Send me your email by message and i will send you crisp-clean sheet images. If i remember correctly there was a limit of size of upload or something, I made this page a while back! anyways, thanks again for your comment, and anyone else feel free to talk!

      R. Seymour

    • profile image

      Chris 6 years ago

      Could you please repost the pictures in HD. They are really low quality when I try to zoom in on them. Thanks!