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Learn Light magic

Updated on September 30, 2010

Learn Light magic When you start learning magic you can also try to learn light magic tricks. They are simple tricks and are completely captivating. If carried out perfectly they can keep the audience enchanted. Two of the famous experts in light magic are David Blaine and Cris Angel. You should not go into knowing advanced tricks immediately. Through many years of practice they were able to master the craft. Take things gradually by startng with the basics and learning light magic. Master the basics and then proceed to the more complicated tricks.

If you are shy of performing in front of adults, you may start by performing your magic in front of kids. Kids would normally missed out on your tiny tricks because they are so enticed with magic. The moment you say 'magic' the excitement starts rolling. You can gain your practice through these audience considered to be the best. You can boost your confidence through the response you can get from the audience making you confident enough to perform in front of the adults. Through practicing in front of kids you can master the sleight of hand too. Redirecting their attention to other things would be easy too.

To be a successful magician you need to excel in "patter". When you try to divert the audience from the tiny tricks you are doing by conversing with them and having them under your spell, that's called 'patter'. Be careful of what you say when you patter. That would make the audience more receptive to catch the trick so that's not mindless speaking. It is best to practice patter in front of the mirror to master it. The audience would be more suspense and would be left waiting and anticipating with the help of the patter.

Avoid doing the same trick again and again in front of the same audience. There is a good chance that some of your audience might catch the trick if you will repeat it. After all it will not be easy to captivate them once again in the suspense to cover your tracks. Repetition of the act spoils the effect of the magic. Let your audience go home and come back wanting more. You may include someone from the audience as your prop. This would further increase your audience's belief in your act.

You should try to learn light magic tricks as they interest people of all ages. Before moving on to the more complicated tricks it's best to start with the basic tricks first. These light magic tricks will make you a big hit in all the social events, be it a birthday party, a convention, a festival celebration or a bachelors party, your light magic tricks shall be the talk of the town.


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