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Learn To Belly Dance Step By Step

Updated on May 7, 2013

The term “Belly dance” is actually a phrase used by Western societies for a traditional Middle Eastern dance. There are two main types of belly dancing, the dance of Arabic or Middle Eastern origin known as Raqs Sharqi; and the Greco Turkish dance known as Citetelli. Both these main forms of belly dance have their own costumes and dance styles. The Raqs Sharqi dance is more the traditional belly dance with the main focus being the hips and a pelvic area. Turkish form of the dance is more energetic with dancers often using finger cymbals known as “zils”. This article will focus on the basic moves in belly dancing which can then be adapted to each form of dance mentioned above.

Basic Hip Moves

Moves are what make the belly dance what is. There are a number of basic moves that can be learned and applied to both forms of belly dancing.

Hip Twist.

Standing straight with your feet slightly apart rotate the right hip forward. Whilst the right hip is forward the left hip twists back. Try and keep good posture whilst doing this move to avoid unnecessary strain on your body.

How to do the Hip Twist

Up and Down Hips

Slightly more difficult movement stand in basic stance within the next slightly apart and move your clip upwards and downwards. Do not in the hip forward or backward, and even should be in an upwards and downwards position only. When one hip moves upwards the other moves down. This move works muscles in your upper legs and torso so your knees need to be kept relaxed for this move to work correctly.

How to do the Up and Down Hip Move

Hip Thrust

Standing straight usual lower torso and thrust your right hip straight out as if you were shutting the door, adding a little snap at the end. You can repeat this movement with one hip, or alternatively, alternate the move between both hips. This move gives greater options for your dance and you can really make it your own. This dance works the muscles in your leg, pelvic area, and buttock region suit is also a good workout. Be careful when using this move that you use the muscles in your hips, upper legs and pelvic area rather than the knees.

How to do the Hip Thrust

Rolling Hip Moves

Rolling moves are a step up from the above. There are two main types of Rolling hip moves.

How to do the Rolling Hip Move

Horizontal Figure 8

The figure 8 hip move is basically made up of two circles made with both the right and the left hip in alternating pattern. Starting with the right hip slide it back, out to the side and back to the starting position to repeat the move with the left hip. If you do it right one part of the move places your hip in a position to repeat that the move is continuous. Be sure to keep your knees relaxed

How to do the Horizontal Figure 8

Vertical Figure 8.

Assuming the basic stance move your right down, slide it around in a circle in an upward motion and then back to the starting point. Continue this move with the left hip then bring it back to the centre to start the move again with the right hip. Keep your legs and knees flexible with this move.

How to do the Vertical Figure 8

So there you have it, five basic moves that you can practice. Once you have mastered these hip moves you are then ready to move on to some other basic moves to form a complete belly dance. Once you are more confident you can learn the specific moves associated with the two different forms of belly dance.

How you ever tried belly dancing?

How you ever tried belly dancing?

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