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Learn to play samba rhythm - Baden Powell guitar music

Updated on November 27, 2011

Baden Powell: a real genius

Baden Powell is an genius on guitar player. A decade ago, Baden died (2000). He used to have international reputation among the international community. People seldom discuss whether or not Baden Powell was a best performer than Pacco de lucia as a musician. I would say both are great, although the work of Baden Powell is really influenced by samba rhythms, then a genuine popular brazilian music.

Few days ago while I searched some videos on youtube I found this home made video by Emilio Rosaleny ( see the link to his facebook page in the end of this hub) that is really fascinated. Very well played and in a very good rhythm. It takes only few seconds to see how cool it is: I would say rock sucks.

"Chara" Samba

Music Partitures

Music partitures is really a pain. I can read, but I never believe I can really reproduce the original song.I always need to hear the song to realize that what I had play is exactly the right notes, melody and rhythm. Then after some rehearsal I manage to reproduce the song.

The start of this hub should be the partiture below. But I really have some résistance when the subject is a partiture. I now many people prefer to read music from a tab, rather than a partiture, but partitures are still the better alternative to represent a song.

I play the first partiture line and it is a marvelous song, dificult but not so much.

Small samba

Until recently, I never learned how to play a samba in guitar. I live in Brazil, where you can easy get access to samba as a music, but I never really know how to play samba. Over and over, I realize samba has too much percussion to reproduce on a mere guitar.

If you extract a piece of Baden Powell music you will be capable to play a samba and use it as a good exercise for improve your guitar skills. You just need to infinitely loop the following tab:


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