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Learn Magic Tricks

Updated on July 18, 2013

Simple and easy magic tricks than you can learn in minutes!!

I've compiled some You Tube Video's of the best and easy magic tricks that anyone can learn in minutes and all you need are items you already have around you like coins, a dollar bill, a deck of cards, toothpicks or drinking straws.

These how to do magic videos explain every trick so with very little practice you can amaze your friends, kids, and even perform street magic in public at bars, resturants, coffee shops or anywhere you want to perform.

I've found these simple tricks have been a great way to bond with my children and a fun way to spend time together learning and practicing these simple tricks for them and their friends.

These are the same simple street magic tricks and illusions that you see artists like Criss Angel and David Blaine perform on television.

I'll be adding new tricks every few weeks so keep checking back or subscribe to keep updated when new tricks are posted.

Feel free to contact me if you have a great video of a trick you would like to have posted on here.

Thank You!! The Advertising royalties earned by each visit to this squidoo lens is donated to Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund, Children's Defense Fund, March of Dimes, Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation, Genocide Intervention Network, A Day of Hope.

So please check back often to learn great easy magic tricks and help raise money for charity.


T. Schnieders

Criss Angel shows you how make a toothpick vanish!

Simple trick with a little set up, you just need a toothpick and some scotch tape.

Card Levitation...Revealed!!!

Its a really easy trick but make sure when you're doing the trick you want to be far away or 15 feet away from your spectaor/audience.

All you need is a playing card, fishing line or thread and some scotch tape.

Simple coin vanishing trick

Simple coin vanishing trick explained.

Great Magic trick kits on

How To: Sinful (Coin in Can Trick)

Great trick for parties or at a bar or BBQ, no set up or gimmicks you just need a unopened can of soda or beer, a coin, and a little practice. Have someone sign the coin with a marker before performing to really make the trick a mind freak. This video is about 8 minutes long but it is the best explination on how to do this classic Criss Angel trick called "Sinful".

3 Easy Magic Tricks

This video features 3 easy magic tricks, 1 coin trick, and 2 great card tricks.

All three are easy to learn with a little practice.

spoon bending trick

the famous spoon bending trick performed by Uri Geller.

One of the greatest coin tricks explained the coin matrix

This video will show you how to do the coin matrix trick to amaze anyone and all you need is four coins and some practice.

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Order Jay Sankey Magic tricks on eBay

Jay Sankey is one of the top Magicians in the country, most of the popular Modern tricks and illusions or "Street magic" tricks you see today are most likely one of his creations. Jay Sankey develops magic tricks for some of the top magicians in the country.

He also sells his most popular tricks and how to do magic books on eBay. Order from this lens and a portion of each sale goes to my selected charities.

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